| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

A French source to SBI: France and Europe discuss pressure tools identification

The French Ambassador to Beirut Anne Gereon hastened in conducting contacts and meeting with Lebanese officials in order to ward off the dangers arising from the delay in forming the government, explaining the French stance regarding  this dire situation .
French diplomatic sources explained to “Voice of Beirut International,” that some Lebanese parties had promised France that they will  implement the French initiative for a solution in Lebanon. But France found that they do not act as if they are supportive of the initiative, and that they have not achieved anything, and  do not have any will to move forward with the initiative and France is shocked by such actions. These sources said that the recent position of President Emmanuel Macron, as well as the position of Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, are compatible with the European stance through the meeting of foreign ministers, meaning that there are many ways to increase pressure on the Lebanese parties obstructing the formation, which will be adopted in order for progress to be made. . That is, all pressure tools will be mobilized and adopted, and every European country will abide by it, Discussions are now taking place among Europeans about which level to choose from these pressure tools. Consequently, there are no sanctions now. Rather, every European country will take whatever pressure it sees fit. And that this represents a strong message to go through the proposed solution, which everyone in Lebanon knows, and where they must work together to achieve it.

Parallel to the French move, Bkerke also took part. Political sources say that the Maronite Patriarch, Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, although was expecting last  Monday failure, but he did not lose hope. He is thinking seriously about what he could do, but he has not made a decision yet about where to move. What happened on Monday confirms what the Patriarchy was saying for a long time that there is an impossibility to find a solution to the internal situation, even in its simplest crisis, which is the issue of forming a government. And in the countries of the world, this issue occurs continuously without reconsidering the constitutions. In Lebanon, we do not find a solution for anything, which means the impossibility of internal solutions, and the search for a solution must be done through internationalization. Because Arabization is hindered by divisions, or by the fact that every country has its priorities, sometimes in normalization and at some point in opposition. Adding to it the Lebanese-Arab relations, which have not yet returned to normal. The Arabs have no desire in intervening in Lebanon, The Lebanese are left only with internationalization.

According to the French sources, France received an encouraging European atmosphere to do anything for the sake of Lebanon and the Lebanese people, and the Europeans refuse to link the Lebanese file to any foreign entitlements. They refused to link it to the American presidential elections, and now they refuse to link it to the Iranian presidential elections that are due next June They are fully aware of what Iran is doing about mortgaging the government file until the start of the US-Iranian negotiation, and this negotiation will start, but its date has not been set yet. Therefore European and French pressure aims at  some Lebanese officials cut off their ties with Iran, especially in the government file and achieve what they can for the sake of their country and people, and it is unclear what the French and European measures will be imposed on Iran itself to “release” the Lebanese government file.