| 22 June 2021, Tuesday | النسخة العربية

A new aspect for the Persian occupation in Lebanon

During July war in 2006, Former Prime Minister’s Cabinet Fuad Siniora worked on what is called the Seven-Point Plan, which was discussed and adopted later by the Spiritual Summit in Bkerke. The plan was then referred to Rome and circulated to the General Assembly of the United Nations. After that, the Resolution 1701 has seen light.

The world at that time, has adopted what the Lebanese have agreed on. Even militia Hezbollah have welcomed this plan and agreed on it, but the question now is why the Secretary General of militia Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, objecting the international support?

Since Lebanon does not need new foundational dialogues that suit this or that party, the Lebanese consensus on the formula of the Taif agreement was a milestone in their history. This consensus and harmony between Lebanese established everything nice for Lebanon, but some refused to implement it.

If any constitutional amendments and reforms introduced, Aounists (The Free Patriotic Movement) say that is essential and irreversible. But any reforms and amendments are refused before providing the arm exclusivity to the Lebanese governments, and before the disarmament of Hezbollah militias, who are the Aounists allies.

Bahaa Hariri’s advisor denies Hariri’s intention to call or prepare for any demonstrations or movements across Lebanon. He also confirmed that what has been circulated through social media, specifically Whatsapp is untrue, and made in “suspicious rooms”. This is the right decision for now, in light of the widespread of coronavirus in the country.

But that does not exempt Michel Aoun’s era from its responsibility of helping people. The President and his followers are busy gossiping about a businessman (Hariri) who is providing an extreme support to his country, while they are busy in stealing money and transferring it outside the country.

Michel Aoun’s era is working for external parties, against the citizens. They remove judges and exchange them with others to cover the major crime of the port, which is intended to be recorded against an unknown.

Political experiences have proved that Maronite political parties have been bored from Aoun’s performance. Bkerke, under the leadership of Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai, have raised the voice loudly. Christians have also called Aoun to resign immediately.

The starvation and impoverishment era failed at all its levels, and it is time for effective and serious accountability for the President of the Republic who suspended every constitutional entitlement and delayed the facilitation of government formation, with a blatant violence for the Taif constitution.

Baabda Palace is spending millions of dollars every day, but unable to provide a vaccine for the country. The President enjoys the power he has, but refuses being responsible. What worsens the situation is that he want to take revenge on his people, because they reject his brother-in-law Jobran Bassil.

Western and Arab countries are being disgust about the political situation in Lebanon, and about the President’s visits to Arab and non-Arab countries. Lebanon is passing with historical juncture because Aoun and his close associates are refraining from handling their duties.