| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

AL-Quds legion announces its creep towards Jerusalem

No … Do not be mislead  with the title,  for there is no legion creeping towards Jerusalem, it is just a sonorous slogan of a legion that has never seen Jerusalem, but has been lost in the alleys of Iran, and in the spaces, suppressing those who are free and revolting against the mullahs’ regime, which has not known Jerusalem, except through advertising posters,  showoff  military parades, or through a military circus, “ making fun” of their poor people.

Iran has never seen Jerusalem, and has not found its way to the Al-Aqsa, and Iran has always been the cause of misfortunes and woes to the Palestinian plight, so it fed the so-called resistance movements with weapons in order to divide the Palestinians and sow discord between them, so it sent its money and used Hamas to divide Palestine into two parts, the West Bank And Gaza, instead of retrieving what was left of Palestinian territories, the mullahs’ regime wiped out what remained of the Palestinian dream.

As in Iran, likewise in Lebanon, despite the promises of Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah to liberate the Palestinian land and pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque, he sent what was left of the youth of his incubating environment, and plunged them into Iran’s futile wars.

The resistance forgot about the Palestinian cause, and nothing was left in Nasrallah’s mind, but to celebrate International Jerusalem Day in order to “preserve the face” that was stained in Beirut neighborhoods on May 7.

From Beirut’s alleys , to Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, Iran’s behavior is clear and obvious, liberate these countries from free peoples and transfer them into a card in the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s hand. A card he controls according to his interests, and uses these countries as a reeling card at the nuclear negotiating table.

As for the Palestinians, they are helpless and cling to any salvation piece of wood extended to them, but they do not know that this piece of wood, is the coffin that Iran uses in order to achieve its goals.

From Iran to Syria, there are many objectors, and the members of the Defunct Syrian regime, headed by Bashar Al-Assad, are calling for confrontation and steadfastness, while trading with the Palestinian people who are stuck in camps, Neither Assad responds nor the Quds legion listens. Let them liberate the Golan first instead of liberating Jerusalem, and let Assad give his people who are killed by his gangs and Iran’s militias, the least his rights before liberating Palestine.