| 31 July 2021, Saturday |

American war on terrorism and its supporters in Lebanon, continues.

Followers of the Lebanese and Iranian affairs can clearly observe that the US intentions on imposing more sanctions on Hezbollah, is but a new evidence of many important issues.

First: President Biden is adopting the logic of gradualism in punishing Iran and its active militias, and his democratic administration has a well-studied strategy regarding the timing and work needed to combat Iranian terrorism.

Second: The US administration managed to split the two main files in a positive way, the file of negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program in Vienna, and the file of sanctions against Iran and its terrorist arms in the region.
Third: The US administration has a lot to do with Hezbollah, as this armed party disrupts the Lebanese state’s work, and implements the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ agendas in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.
Fourth: The Biden administration, not only supports many of the European countries’ steps regarding the classifying of Hezbollah, with its political and military wings, as a terrorist organization, but it even welcomes these European steps through sanctions partnerships as well.
Fifth: As the complete collapse in Lebanon has become imminent, the Lebanese file will be on the American table in the upcoming days, while the US considers that France has failed in dealing with the Lebanese file.

Sixth: Most of those working on Hezbollah’s file, at the White House and the US State Department, are fully aware of the militia’s activities, and they approach the issue from multiple angles.

Seventh: American options regarding Lebanon may not be restricted to sanctions alone, as some sources pointed out the visit of a high-ranking American envoy to Beirut soon, to settle things once and for all.

Eighth: Washington today, considers the era of Michel Aoun, as the Iranian terrorism era, and that the Aounist regime is not less dangerous than Hezbollah’s threat to Lebanon and the future of its citizens.

Ninth: Sanctions are directed at Hassan Nasrallah and his gang and not against the Lebanese people. And thus, Hezbollah’s propaganda mechanism, will start broadcasting the concept of victimhood, for deceiving the popular incubator.

Tenth: It is a must on every Lebanese to invest in this American anger towards Hezbollah, and to benefit from it within a national framework, which will make this party isolated, boycotted and hated, as it is its case and that of Iran’s, now and in the future.