| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

Aoun, I don’t need Hezbollah

How ironic is the ruling class, when it talks about forming a government, while the people are suffering under the weight of queues of humiliation without electricity, medicine, gasoline and diesel.

What kind of a farce is this, and the Lebanese are looking for their livelihood in the politician’s trash cans?

People are dying, and President Michel Aoun is looking for the continuity of his spoiled son-in-law, Gobran Bassil, to keep on the Tayyar’s destructive approach for Lebanon.

What is ridiculously wailing, is what high-ranking political sources indicated to “Sawt Beirut International”,  that the President of the Republic and his team, led by Bassil, worked to falsify the formation process, and maneuvered  the demand for the guarantor third by inserting names that revolve in the orbit of the Free Patriotic Movement to minister them,  in order to obtain  “the devastating third”.

The sources revealed, that President Aoun’s team went too far in its demands, as by obtaining the blocking third, the covenant is considered to be liberated from Hezbollah, or any party affiliated to it, and thus will have the final word within the government without referring to any ally, and on top of them is the “party”. This matter does not annoy Hezbollah only, but it worries it as well, and that is why the party insisted that no party within the government should obtain the guarantor third.”

The same sources add that Aoun did not give up, until he got the “disruption weapon”, through which, he will ensure the continuity of his son-in-law Basil within the governing system, and promote him in the battle for the presidency, or at least ensure that he remains among the powerful.

For its part, Hezbollah is afraid of Bassil’s behavior, which may lead to a deal against the party in order to lift the US sanctions imposed on him, which will make the party alone by it self, without any Christian cover.