| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Aoun is busy with his son-in-law’s shares while people are dying in Akkar

This is neither Syria, nor Iraq, nor Yemen, here is Lebanon, here is Akkar, and under Baabda’s eyesight, where the Presidential Palace is located and the President sits on the throne of crises and on a chair that has become worn out for being used for hours without any result or vital rescue plan.

This is Akkar, Your Excellency. Do you know where it is located, or is it outside the scope of the state you wanted to be president for, and it was subject to the decisions of the Tehran party?

This is Akkar, which is far from you, and in which its people fight each other, while you are busy sharing portfolios which would preserve your son-in-law, Gebran Bassi’s position in a country that is on the verge of death.

This is Akkar, where there is no treasury advance, or funds disbursed for it. In Akkar, there is no electricity ships, no dams, and no deals to pay attention to, but rather deprivation and poverty, lack of medicine and the minimum necessities for a decent life.

This is Akkar, which Gebran Bassil has no interest in it. Here the rights have been sold, and the powers of the President of the Republic has been dispensed.

This is Akkar, Your Excellency, whom you did not pay attention to it and did not ask the Supreme Defense Council to convene for its sake. Here is the forgotten, and neglected Akkar. Here lives are sacrificed for deprivation and statelessness. Here is the region that a wide range of its youth have joined the army, the institution from which you graduated, do you remember?

This is Akkar, when you disagree over sharing portfolios and agree on stealing us, the result becomes catastrophic. The officials live in bliss, while citizens live in the land of hell especially after lifting subsidies.

You are right, Your Excellency, when you said that you will hand over to the next president a homeland that is much better than what it is! Yes, it is better because you wiped out all the necessities of decent life, and your successor will receive an empty country that requires to be built from scratch. Your successor has to build a homeland free of nitrates and armed militias, a homeland that resembles independent homelands, not affiliated with Iran.

  • Sawt Beirut International