| 15 April 2021, Thursday | النسخة العربية

Aoun’s never-ending verbal attacks

Lebanese President Michel Aoun is depicting himself as someone keen to advice the people, preserve the interests of citizens and expose those involved in corruption. Yet, he is himself implicated in files seeking revenge against the Lebanese state that he has presided over for years.

Aoun presents himself as a leader while he is the one who obstructs all entitlements, prevents decisions from being taken, drags the country into the “hell” he has heralded and abandons everything but his alliance with the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia in Lebanon.

In every verbal attack he initiates, President Aoun uses vague and useless words yet the Lebanese people are aware that Aoun is the “godfather” of corruption, sectarian leaders, racists, thieves and all those who control the fate of the country.

President Aoun opts for taking so-called choices, through which his party aims to claim that everything is related to them and that they are the ones who take decisions. Nonetheless, the fact is that Hezbollah controls everything including Aoun’s powers.

Aoun could have reached the Lebanese presidency thanks to the power of Hezbollah’s weapons, as claimed by sacked MP Nawaf Al-Mousawi. But the tragedy lies in the fact that credit is still given to Hassan Nasrallah, and Aoun still wants this support to continue by backing the candidacy of his son-in-law, Gebran Bassil, for the presidential post.

Supporters of Aoun’s party always seek to justify Aoun’s verbal attacks by saying “he cares for the country” and “he is the powerful and bold president” yet the Lebanese people have only known fear and vulnerability nay have also seen signs of dementia under his rule.

The latest incidents that took place and that fall in the context of Baabda-related news are a proof that Aoun, in his capacity as President of the Republic, fails to find solutions or link things together. They also prove that Bassil and Selim Jreissati are the ones who take decisions on his behalf and who rule in his name.

Perhaps, Arab observers have become aware now – just like the Lebanese – that the main actions and decisions in a country like Lebanon are in the hands of Hezbollah and that the president doesn’t have a say but rather, he only seeks to implement Iranian agendas.

As he speaks about Lebanon, the president pretends to have forgotten that the country is under Iranian occupation and that the banks, mismanagement and corruption are nothing but synonyms to his all-destructive rule. He is still working on destroying what was left of Lebanon.

Moreover, the fact that the Council of Bishops in Lebanon stood by the initiative of Patriarch Al-Rai confirms the correctness of the proposal and the initiative’s transformation into a demand stemming from the entire Maronite Church.

Aoun lives now in isolation as a result of Patriarch Al-Rai’s stances as Hezbollah and Iranian decisions are controlling the country.