| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Apology is Mikati’s way out, and the French, Iraniann crane, expired.

Lifting subsidy has become a fait accompli… and so is the fate that the political class has inflicted on the Lebanese people, for its own sake,  and its foreign agendas that have paralyzed Lebanon and made it a hotbed of various forms of blackmail practiced on its land to change its identity, and subdue its people under the weight of economic collapse.

Today, most of Lebanon’s roads closed, after citizens rushed have “hysterically” rushed to the stations to fill their car tanks, with what remained of the “half-subsidized” fuel, in preparation for the worst… the “black market” with which the price of gasoline and diesel will be loose, and consequently, the need for Wednesday to issue the fuel prices, will be eliminated.

As for betting on a rescue government, it is something that has become impossible, especially since the “knots” are  changing in the portfolios, and what was rumored about a French-Iranian agreement, that emerged through the contact between French President Emmanuel Macron and the Iranian Ibrahim Raisi, is just an illusion, and nothing but useless suggestions. France cannot deal with the Lebanese file unilaterally, without its European partners and the United States of America, which Iran is trying to “seize” opportunities to pressure it, in order to achieve some gains in the negotiations on the nuclear file. Meanwhile, the best arena, is Lebanon, through Iran’s strongest wing in the region, Hezbollah, as it can maneuver it from head to toe, on all levels and in all its economic sectors in spite of the sanctions.

And through what has been said, Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati has to make up his mind, because the optimism and positives he issued from the platform of the Republican Palace have vanished, and the deadlines that have not been set have begun to encircle him in light of the economic situation that is sure to explode in his face.

It seems that Mikati’s next visit is awaiting a date for the seventh round of the Vienna negotiations, which is still stalled after the new Iranian president raised the ceiling of his demands, in addition to the recent report of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which confirmed that Iran has significantly increased its production of high uranium for enrichment, which will cast a shadow on the Vienna table if to be reunited.

In conclusion, the president-designate is walking in a minefield and his reliable insight, will not enable him to cross into a reform government. The Egyptian gas, which friends of the Syrian regime began to pave its way to cross into Syrian territory, will bring breakthroughs, because Bashar al-Assad is counting on the collection of many gains to restore the pre-2005 scene, but History in Lebanon will not repeat itself.