| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Arabic support for Lebanon stipulates these conditions

Through out the tour of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to all the six countries that constitute the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council, and through joint statements at the Arab and Gulf level, Lebanon’s support today, stipulates several conditions.
First: Lebanon returns at the least politically, to its former era, i.e. in a clearer sense, before the Iranian Hezbollah militias dominated the Lebanese state, and confiscated its decision and that of its legitimate ruling institutions.
Second: To deter this armed militia in Lebanon from harming the Arab brothers of Lebanon, specifically the Arab Gulf states, by preventing the smuggling of drugs and Captagon pills, which are sent in an organized manner.
Third: Preventing the smuggling of weapons to the Arab Gulf states, through the so-called Hezbollah’s sleeper cells , in order to strain the situation, prevent stability, and continue serving the hateful Persian project that first destroyed Lebanon.
Fourth: Withdrawing Hezbollah experts from Lebanon, that must stop sticking its nose into the affairs of the Gulf states in the service of Iran. I think this is obnious and of this people’s right as they are living safely.
Fifth: Disarming the Hezbollah militia inside Lebanon. This weapon has become an imminent danger, and Hezbollah has used it against the Syrians and the Lebanese, and used it to cross the borders, in order to expose Lebanon to Arab and international isolation.
Sixth: The fact that the decision now, is in the hands of Hezbollah in Lebanon, means that the Lebanese government is the government of Hezbollah, and the Saudi foreign minister mentioned an important phrase a few days ago, when he said: “The problem in Lebanon is between the Lebanese people and Hezbollah.”
Seventh: Hezbollah’s disarmament was stipulated in a phrase by the Security Council resolutions regarding Lebanon. And thus, is Saudi Arabia for example, required to support the Lebanese government formed by Hezbollah? the answer is no
Eighth: Media channels that practice media terrorism and broadcast from inside Lebanon, without an official license from the Lebanese State, while Hezbollah’s members protect them, and the State in Lebanon cannot close them
Ninth: Most of the Lebanese people are against the party’s project in Lebanon, because it does not resemble the Lebanese by any means. As for Hezbollah’s followers, they are being manipulated by instinct at one time, and by intimidation from the rest of the Lebanese at other times, and this is a matter that needs a radical solution
Tenth: The Arab project is in a confrontation with Iran,on more than one lecel, militarily or politically, and it requires that Lebanon be a part of it, to protect the interests of all the Lebanese, and for the Arabs to confront this threat against them.
In conclusion, Lebanon is an Arab country, and Muslims and Christians are proud of this affiliation, and any separation of the Lebanese Republic from its surroundings, harms the interests of Lebanon, especially after its annexation to the Persian project.