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Are humans the real intruders?

Aliens, flying saucers and other science fiction stories, which have invaded our minds for decades, are the talk of the town. Stories of observations, investigations, secret information and rumors have reached the point of inspiring films, series and books.

The Chinese spy balloon and other unidentified objects that appeared over the US and Canada recently have triggered this file once again. It all started with the giant white orb that was first discovered over the skies of the US in late January, causing confusion among American officials and arousing their curiosity. The irony is that the US defended its shooting down of unknown objects, such as the one over Lake Huron, which were flying at a low altitude.

What was also remarkable was the denial issued by American President Joe Biden that the country had evidence connecting the three unidentified objects to the Chinese spy balloon, indicating that it is possible the other objects belonged to private entities rather than foreign governments. According to CNN, some American officials were cautious about President Biden speaking publicly about the Chinese balloon until more information was gathered regarding the three UFOs that were shot down, especially as Biden indicated that he would seek to discover the truth about these unidentified objects and how to deal with them in the future.

Thus, it is not ruled out that the strange objects that appeared in the US skies are related to space creatures, which scientists consider to be an existing phenomenon and a scientific fact. Some other theories talk about beings from other planets traveling vast distances to visit Earth.

The universe is a big place and accessing it is not an easy matter. But there remain unknown phenomena, for which humans cannot find an explanation and only the creator of this universe knows about.

What is also remarkable are the theories that talk about conspiracies related to UFOs, including that many governments and politicians worldwide communicate or cooperate with aliens. Some of these theories claim that governments explicitly allow aliens to kidnap people.

Many officials have publicly stated that evidence of UFOs is being hidden, including former US Sen. Barry Goldwater, former NATO chief and British Chief of the Defense Staff Lord Hill-Norton, CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter, former director of space programs in the Israeli Ministry of Defense Haim Eshed, former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer and astronauts Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell. However, they have not provided any evidence to back up their statements and allegations, despite the important research conducted by nongovernmental scientific agencies on this subject.

What is distinguished in this context remains the reports regarding what happens in the US’ Area 51, which is one of the most secret and mysterious places in the world. Apparently spy planes have been tested in the Nevada desert, amid rumors of alien experiments.

“There remain unknown phenomena, for which humans cannot find an explanation and only the creator of this universe knows about.” – Jerry Maher

Area 51 is an air force base in the southern part of Nevada, 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas, which is generally believed to be where experimental aircraft and weapons systems are developed and tested. The site was acquired by the US Air Force in 1955, but the CIA did not acknowledge the facility’s existence until 2013, after a Freedom of Information Act request was issued in 2005. It was never declared a secret base, but some believe that the facility is being used to store, examine and reverse engineer crashed spacecraft, including materials supposedly recovered from the Roswell, New Mexico, crash. In July 1947, a cattle rancher found debris and soldiers from a nearby base came to collect the material. Since then, conspiracy theorists have been working hard to prove that the wreckage was extraterrestrial, leading to the “Storm Area 51” event in 2019, which went viral on social media and led to about 150 people showing up at the military base.

The current use of Area 51 is unknown. The area is a fenced-off piece of land, 6 miles by 10 miles in size, wedged between a US Air Force base, an abandoned nuclear testing ground and a test and training facility.

US intelligence announced in 2021 that it had no evidence of the existence of aliens, but it acknowledged that military pilots had observed dozens of phenomena that remained unexplained. An increasing number of unidentified objects have been reported over the past 20 years.

US space agency NASA has conducted research in an attempt to find traces of ancient life in the form of microbes on Mars or technical “fingerprints” from other planets.

In conclusion, all these unknown objects and strange phenomena did not appear until after man reached outer space and started exploring distant celestial objects. This raises an important question: Who are the real intruders? And why do we believe that we are the rightful owners, when we only live in an insignificant part of the universe? I believe we are the aliens.

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