| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Assad regime’s greediness in Lebanon continues

The words of Bashar al-Jaafari, al-Assad’s deputy foreign minister, that Lebanon was subordinate to Syria reflects a distortion of history. The man reads from the Syrian Ba’ath book’s vision of Lebanon, the state and society.

These words vocabulary stems from the behavior of the Assad family and the occupation of Lebanon by the regular Syrian army for years, and all this is the result of this doctrine that is still haunting their minds.

As for supplying Lebanon with 220 megawatts of electricity, it is a paid-for from the Lebanese “pockets” and from the Lebanese state’s treasury, and it is not free as the Assad regime’s agents in Lebanon wish to wrap it up with falsehood and lying.

What Lebanon has paid to the Syrian regime is invaluable, but  rather paid “ an arm and a leg”. They paid  blood, limbs, and a high price over the years of the hateful occupation, for this tyrant who wreaked havoc, murder and destruction in Lebanon, he and his father shed the blood of all the martyrs of Lebanon who were killed by the criminal Baathist regime

And since the era of Hafez al-Assad until now, the mentality of this criminal system still wants to add Lebanon to the agenda of a failed regime in Damascus, but rather a regime known to be hostile to all the people of Lebanon, whether by the Assad army or through its agents in Lebanon, what Lebanon has paid for this tyranny is priceless.

As for the plunder of Lebanon’s wealth and theft of its capabilities, there is a lot to be said, and even the threads of the famous and saddening  explosion of Beirut’s port, are still haunting the Assad regime, according to the major Western newspapers that have reported this  are still reporting to this day.

When the state relinquishes its role and function of protecting and caring for its citizens, and an armed militia arises like Hezbollah with a dangerous project for the Lebanese entity, the Syrian regime is not only supportive, but also benefits greatly from this shameful situation.

And when the deep rooted “state’ in Lebanon, occupies the area of ​​legitimacy, it centralize internally with its military, network of communications, and banks, and then controls every stray and incoming, then, these deviants are the one responsible for the current situation in Lebanon.

It is as if they are saying to everyone: Welcome to the Republic of Hezbollah, the republic that is ostensibly ruled by Michel Aoun, wki lebehind him and in front of him is Hassan Nasrallah, Iran’s official in Lebanon, and the true follower of all Assad’s projects in Lebanon as well.

Even in the attack on Patriarch Al-Rai regarding preserving the rights and wealth of Lebanon, an order of operations was issued by an Iranian Asadi kitchen, this disinterested insider famous for fabrications and installations.

As if this rogue group had not learned from its failed experiences for decades, and it is used to direct its arrows towards Bkerki, before it “sinks”.

Because it only caused Lebanese misery and sadness , its political dictionary is a metaphor for exhuming the notebooks of the criminal past.