| 7 February 2023, Tuesday |

Bahaa Hariri not restricted to a particular sect… His work covers the “10452”

Under the title “Indegnation at Bahaa Hariri… Financial support is for Christians, not for Sunnis!” A number of websites circulated news that the dispute between businessman Baha Hariri’s affiliates, reached its peak, especially after the opening of one of Baha Hariri’s offices in Kesrouan region, as some considered that the latter’s support goes to Christian areas that have a specific affiliation, and are limited to personalities symbolizing that area.

The article, citing alleged sources, states that “The dispute also extended to reach the electronic radio station “Sawt Beirut International,” which is owned by Baha Hariri, and most of its employees are Christians.
The absurdity even heaped up to the limits of accusing Bahaa Hariri, of refusing to buy a hospital in Sidon, and instead, he donated to the Red Cross!
To these haters we say, “Have you forgotten that Bahaa Hariri is the son of the martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who helped all the Lebanese without discrimination between one religion and another, have you forgotten the educational empire founded by the martyr Rafik Hariri without distinguishing between a Christian and Muslim student?”

Baha Hariri is a patriotic and Lebanese man, who helps Lebanon and the Lebanese, without discrimination, and these haters who want to limit Baha Hariri to a certain sect, know nothing about what he provides in terms of assistance, and his assistance is not about to be announced. Whoever wants to help should not brag about it in media, and announce or declare the method of assistance and to whom it was provided.
Instead of fabricating pre-paid false news, to distort the image of Baha Hariri, the adder and the nationalist, it would be more useful for you to investigate the “secrets” from their sources. Bahaa Hariri has advisors and a media office that answers all questions. As for “fishing in sectarianism’s waters”, it is not a characteristic of the Martyr Rafic Hariri School, which Bahaa Hariri follows.
Bahaa Hariri is a man extending on a homeland’s area, and is not confined to a particular sect or region with a specific affiliation. Therefore, stop throwing grudges, and get rid of the sectarian knot that brought you to where you are and destroyed Lebanon, stop building barricades between one region and another, and between sects. The martyr Rafik Hariri reconstructed Beirut, and lifted all barricades between the regions, communicated with all sects, and built churches, as well as mosques.

Baha Rafik Hariri, gives Lebanon, and not only a specific sect, and he is the one authorized to how to give, and to whom the aid goes.

  • Sawt Beirut International