| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Bahrain’s “Wefaq National Society” under “Hezbollah’s cloak “

It seems that the decisions and orders of the Lebanese Interior Minister, Bassam Mawlawi, with regard to the activities that take place on Lebanese territory by the “opponents” of the Arab Gulf states, lose their powers at the gates of the “Southern Suburb,” and remain just wishes and hopes for reforming relations with the Arab world, according to what a special source told ” Sawt Beirut International.”

The source adds that Mawlawi asked the General Directorate of Public Security in December of last year, to take all measures leading to the deportation of non-Lebanese members of the Bahraini “Al-Wefaq Society,” because it constituted an insult to Lebanon’s relationship with the Kingdom of Bahrain, but the reprehensible stances of the Minister of Interior, did not prevent this association, for which Hezbollah opened the doors of “Al-Ghobeiri” area to commemorate what they called “the 11th anniversary of what it called the Bahraini revolution,” after the celebration venue was changed, because the hotel was banned of hosting them.

The source adds that Hezbollah’s insistence on embracing and sponsoring the celebration, especially that Lebanon is awaiting the “Arab League” stance, regarding the answers that Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib gave to the Kuwaiti initiative, and despite the fact that the contents of the leaked answers do not suggest that things will return to normal in terms of Arab countries’ support for Lebanon, as the provokations continue, while the Lebanese state has proven incapable of stopping the hostile movements towards the Arab brothers, and this is what is stated in the core of the Kuwaiti initiative.

The source pointed out the presence of a delegation from “Hezbollah,” where former Lebanese MP Mahmoud Qamati, who is the deputy head of the party’s political council, spoke on their behalf, and it is not hidden from anyone what the Bahraini authorities revealed, about members of the so-called “Bahraini Hezbollah” receiving trainings by the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard,” and the flag of “Hezbollah” was at the forefront of the demonstrations that were organized against the state, and the chants and slogans they were chanting were like “You are the answer, Nasrallah.” It seems that the name has crossed the borders of Arab countries. In Iraq, there is the “Iraqi Hezbollah,” and in Kuwait, it revealed a cell affiliated with the party, and was planning to try to incite the Kuwaiti Shiites, the original citizens, against the regime.
The source concludes by saying that Lebanon has become the arena that embraces all organizations and parties opposed to Arab countries’ regimes , which have proven to be a pioneer in development and incubator for all those whose livelihoods have narrowed in countries devastated by corruption. It seems that Arab confidence and betting on Lebanon’s restoration of its sovereignty is out of reach, unless the Lebanese people rise up against those who pledge their people and land to the Wilayat-Al-Faqih project.

  • Sawt Beirut International