| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Basil is in trouble, as polls rank FPM in last place

The Lebanese have become absolutely certain that there is no solution for this ruling political class that brought the country to total collapse, and unable to form a capable government. The mentality of sharing quotas is still applied within the formation process, regardless of the deteriorating situation and outages in medicine and fuel in the market.

Since 2005 and the exit of the army of the defunct Syrian regime from Lebanon, the arrival of General Aoun to Lebanon, and Assad’s handing over of the guardianship agency to Hezbollah, we have experienced obstruction in all constitutional entitlements.

Neither Hezbollah, which needs the cover of its ally Aoun, nor the latter, who aims at benefiting his son-in-law, Gebran Bassil, is willing to compromise for the sake of Lebanon’s interest, although the government they want to form will not make any difference, but at least they have to show some respect for constitutional entitlements.

“There is no government”, a Parliamentary source told Sawt Beirut International (SBI), as the son-in-law is in a dire situation as he struggles from the losses he is experiencing with regard to his popularity. He will not ease the process of formation because this would undermine the rest of his popularity, especially that the parliamentary elections have approached.

The source added that “Bassil wishes to postpone the parliamentary elections in September, as he is the biggest loser, because the polls carried out by his movement came with negative results, indicating that the ‘Strong Lebanon’ bloc will lose a good number of deputies regardless of the identity of the candidates.”

The source indicated that the polls showed a critical decline in the popularity of the Free Patriotic Movement, and highlighted the great resentment in the street in general and Christians in particular, after the movement and President Michel Aoun, in alliance with Hezbollah, brought Lebanon to complete bankruptcy and economic meltdown. The citizens’ deposits have been squandered due to the failed policies applied in the Ministry of Energy, in addition to the judicial structures and the debate of quotas, and the provocations that Bassil performed in order to sit on the Presidential chair.

The source added, “All Bassil’s battles had afflicted him today. The people will never forget, and they are waiting for the parliamentary elections to hold FPM and the covenant accountable because they didn’t meet their promises, and did not achieve anything of what they pledged.”

According to the source, Bassil is afraid to run the elections, or to give concessions in order to form a government that will guarantee the necessary number of deputies that would allow him to remain at the head of the largest Christian bloc. This is difficult because he lost a lot, therefore the government will not be formed and there are serious steps to postpone the elections and this is tantamount to a total suicide for the covenant team.


  • Sawt Beirut International