| 12 April 2024, Friday |

Bassil-Hezbollah disagreemen, a pre-election drama…And Christian nerve cut-off Aoun

The head of the Free Patriotic Movement is trying to escalate the intensity of his political rhetoric against his ally, Hezbollah, in an attempt, that through this kind of speech, he will be able to restore Christian street, which is no longer loyal to the movement.

For a while, Basil has been creating fake battles with Hezbollah under false slogans and arguments, but the funny thing about Bassil’s words is that Hezbollah is violating the powers of President Michel Aoun!

Parliamentary sources indicate that Basil has to decide regarding his stance on the President of the Republic’s powers, as he has built his previous battles according to the slogan of restoring the powers of the Presidency of the Republic, but today he tells us that the “party” violated these powers, and we have to ask Basil, are there powers or not?

The sources add to “Sawt Beirut International”, “What are these powers, and why is Basil attacking Hezbollah today, especially after he benefited from the party’s dominance over the state’s components, and made the appointments he had wanted for years?”

The “cornered” Bassil, sources say, “is looking for a battle with the party to tighten the Christian nerve, but he has not succeeded, because the Christian community is fully aware of Basil’s tricks, and no one in the Christian street believes any longer, the policy of this team that brought Lebanon to its collapse.”

It pointed out that Bassil behaves like a spoiled boy, who when he does not get what he wants, raises his voice and screams to achieve his desires and goals, perhaps earning the party’s sympathy.

“Basil lost a lot and he cannot compensate for his loss even if he fights the whole world. His popularity has decreased a lot, and attracting the Christian public does not come by attacking Hezbollah or making a play that has become known whenever he feels the taste of loss, but rather it comes by changing the Tayyar’s approach and policy at all levels, and through the restoration of alliances, in a way similar to the struggle of the Free Patriotic Movement in its previous era.” The sources added.

Regarding the President’s speech today, Monday, the sources say, “It does not matter what Aoun will say, words don’t pay off, and confidence is lost in this covenant. But what is for sure, Aoun will carry out an operation in harmony with the play performed by Basil, who has stuffed the presidency of the republic in his tricky games, and madeit loose its role as an arbiter among the Lebanese. No matter how Aoun talks about powers, he will not restore the luster of the presidency, which lost a lot after Hezbollah, and through Aoun, overthrew the constitution, laws and powers through the party’s direct intervention in the details of governance in Lebanon.”