| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Bassil is asked to secure electricity before Christians’ rights

As if Lebanese do not miss anything except Gebran Bassil’s appearance to remind them of the catastrophe they are experiencing as a result of the official’s practices in the government.

The spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic and the political heir of the covenant does not miss any chance to proclaim that he is eager about the Christians’ rights, although his practices and behaviors have wasted their rights.

In his conference, Bassil was seeking for help from Hezbollah’s Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah, so the latter can save him from the governmental impasse in which he put himself. Perhaps Hezbollah will put pressure on Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri in order to give him a number of ministerial positions.

Once again, Bassil fell into Nasrallah’s arms. He is used to crawl towards Hezbollah to achieve his political gains, taking advantage of the fait accompli that the party has imposed on Lebanese politics.

Bassil spoke on behalf of the President of the Republic, without excluding anyone in his remarks. He appeared as a defender of Aoun’s rights and his ministerial share, but he forgot that Aoun previously refused to give a ministerial share to the former President Michel Sleiman, considering that a constitutional violation. But the son-in-law has the right to impose what no one else can impose. He considers himself a  representative of Christians and their rights, but at the same time he fights with all Christian leaders, and disagrees with them on all internal and external matters.

Who gave Basil the right to bring the Christians’ rights? Who mandated him to do so? Does the Christian’s rights lay in assigning Bassil’s allies in public administrations?

The one who failed to bring electricity and the one who plunged the treasury in deficit is ineligible to preserve the rights of Christians. All he cares about is preserving his personal interests and taking advantage of his power to build his own emirate in Batroun.

It is obvious that Bassil lectures on equality between the Lebanese in terms of duties, rights, and partnership, but he deals with the constitution and laws in discretion in line with his selfish and unlimited political interests and ambitions!

These extreme statements reflect Bassil’s intention to breach the balance of powers, especially at the level of the presidency. He want the situation to be returned to before “Taif Accord”, when General Aoun was a Prime Minister for a transitional government, and refused to hold presidential elections, leading Lebanon towards absurd wars for which we are paying today, in addition to creating daily and circumstantial compromises under the slogan of parity. However, who will protect Christians from the covenant and its son-in-law?

  • Sawt Beirut International