| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Bassil submits to his master and Borell stresses “Lebanon needs a captain”.

Once again it seems that the representative of the European Union’s foreign affairs, Josep Borrell’s words, and his warnings of “sanctions” met the French warnings’ fate. Few hours before the end of his visit, the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” former Minister Gibran Bassil appeared at a press conference, on Sunday afternoon, noting that this timing has become a tradition he adopted for months now.

Descending from a high-altitude of 1780 meters-where his palace is- the covenant’s “son in law” chose to be amomg his people in Batroun, where his town’s waves can easily carry his appeal and submition to Haret Hreik.

He talked about patriotism and rejected sectarianism, but restoring Christian’s rights is a must, as long as he is the one representing them, and as long as this is his character, he will withstand with his people and never give up.

As for loss, he will fight to avoid it, for what can be lost today, might not be regained later, as they are a big bloc, according to statistics’ figures with which he confronts his rivals, figures he had attained by being one of the Aounists Tayyar’s pillars,  he is the one who accompanied president Michel Aoun and his “ spokesmind” , but the president, has no vote in the ministry council and no word in choosing the prime minister and “ he shouldn’t have a nominal minister.”

Since the very beginning of his conference, and Bassil wants to convince us that they are innocent regarding obstructions, and that the French and European envoys and the American sanctions imposed on him are nothing but an attempt to get back on him, maybe because of an “old revenge”, and thus the main goal of these counties’ help for Lebanon is to revenge from Gobran Bassil.

According to Bassil, the basic calamity is the Shiite duo’s adherence to the Ministry of Finance and its exclusion from rotation as if it is a “constitutional right” , but at the same time, he bans others from having other ministries like “ energy” for an example, or else how can the Tayyar’s ministers implement their plans and deprive the Lebanese, and still, from electricity which is now restricting its “visit” to the Lebanese houses to two hours per day.

After the violent shelling between Ain al-Tineh and Baabda Palace, complaining became a must, and the best to complain to, is of course, Hassan Nasrallah, the one Bassil shook hands with in Mar Mikhael agreement, the man who once was criticized by numbers of the Tayyar Deputies and accused his party of covering up corruptors. However, the historical cooperation that began in February 2005 deserves seeking the assistance of “Hezbollah’s” Secretary-General, when he said: “I will ask for a friend’s Assistant, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah”, rather more, “I will entrust him as a referee in this issue.”” I am not surrendering myself or who I represent to him, I’m entrusting him the rights.” He did not specify these rights’ provisions, nor said whether it is private or public? Is it related to Christians in general or to the “Free Patriotic Movement”? It is necessary to wait for Nasrallah’s respond, but betting on the Shiite-Shiite dispute is a path fraught with dangers.

Bassil, whose speech was dominated with the logic of weakness, surrendered all his capabilities, and submitted to AL-Sayyed, after he shot all his bullets at all those, he is defending their rights, his partners in Christians’ rights. And as the European Union Representative’s plane, took off  Rafic Hariri’s International Airport, after specifying matters when he said: “Any ship in the midst of a storm needs a captain and a crew in order for the system to work, otherwise it will be doomed to sink”,  it seems none of those who have met with him, reminded him that we already have a republic headed by General Michel Aoun and has legislative, executive and judicial authorities , so how come do we need a captain?!