| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Bassil to Hezbollah: Save me!

With the parliamentary elections looming closer, the Free Patriotic Movement is ramping up its deceptive public relations tactics and rehashing old stories, particularly about its relationship with Hezbollah.

Gebran Bassil’s vivid imagination purposefully hired paid journalists to promote the idea that the Free Patriotic Movement’s relationship with Hezbollah had harmed the movement’s popularity among Christians, believing that such ideas would attract what the movement had lost in popularity.

In this scenario, sources told Sawt Beirut International that schizophrenia is rampant in Mirna Al-Chalouhi corridors, so how does Bassil push such notions while forming a stable partnership with Hezbollah?

According to the sources, the existing alliance between the party and the FPM brought Aoun to the presidency, which he had aspired to since 1989, and for which he fought wars, and that the movement is the biggest winner from this alliance, as it achieved what it couldn’t in terms of positions, ministries, and cabinet nominations. Not to mention increasing the size of his parliamentary bloc by using Shiite voices in mixed districts, thus increasing the size of his parliamentary bloc.

According to the sources, the Free Patriotic Movement is appealing with the party to persuade Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to remove Christian representatives from the Amal movement’s sphere of influence.

According to sources, Berri has so far refused this matter, and all of the party’s attempts have failed, because Berri will not give up for nothing in return, and the FPM will not be able to pay the bill, since he doesn’t possess the popularity he was enjoying before October 17.

“The movement believes that its popularity has eroded, and that Hezbollah is the only salvation,” the sources continue. “The party is well-aware that it still needs a Christian cover, therefore, it is working hard to preserve Bassil’s parliamentary bloc.”

According to the sources, no matter how hard the party tries to save its popularly corroded ally, it will not be able to save it from the popular collapse it has reached, and the party will not be able to contribute to Bassil’s bloc’s expansion since the loss is too huge for Hezbollah to cover.

  • Sawt Beirut International