| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Bassil’s three no’s, vanish by President’s share

First scene:

Gebran Bassil: “Is it possible that the President of the Republic unable to make the Ministry of Interior from his shares, since 16 years?”

Second scene:

The Prime Minister-designate: “The ministers of interior and justice must be totally independent, in order not to question our credibility in managing the parliamentary elections.”

These two scenes indicate that the government will not be formed in the foreseeable future, despite all the optimism.

If the President of the Republic insists on naming the Minister of the Interior, he will not sign the formation decree.

And if the designated Prime Minister insists on naming an independent interior minister, he will not submit his government formation.

This means that coldness seemed from the third meeting, and Gebran Bassil’s “prophecy” may become true that MiKati will be the fifth victim after Mohammad Al-Safadi, Bahij Tabbara, Samir Al-Khatib and Mostafa Adib.

The designated president has behaved from the first day, and even forty-eight hours before the designation, on the basis that Bassil is the “shadow president,” because an agreement with him means an agreement with the president of the republic. That’s why both had a “secret dinner” on Saturday evening, after Mikati’s return from abroad. Basil did not fall into the trap, so he resisted all ministerial “temptations.” Before sitting with him on the table, he released his three “no’s”: no designation, no participation, no confidence.

The question that is asked by observers: What makes Bassil, take this negative position from the first moment? A source close to FPM and Baabda Palace, told Sawt Beirut International (SBI) that Basil’s negativity is a mixture of “skill and deception.” Bassil knows that the president’s share is his share, and vice versa. Therefore, talks about not participating is a inappropriate intelligence.

For instance, who is among the ministers in the current government for Prime Minister Hassan Diab, who has the president’s share and is not affiliated with Bassil? This sorting between what is for the president and what is for Basil is misplaced, because simply what is for the president is for Gebran, and what belongs to Gebran is for the president. Perhaps for this reason Basil seems “ascetic” in his lack of enthusiasm for the nomination, because his share will indirectly be the president’s share.

Beyond that, is it true that the hurdles of the government formation are internal?

Diplomatic sources told SBI: “Search for hindrances in Vienna? Why will the Iranian grants in Beirut if it will not take in Vienna? It is not considered in this regard that Hezbollah named Mikati, because the point is not in designating a Prime Minister, but in facilitating his mission to form a government. Hezbollah did not name Hariri, but it was the most facilitator for Hariri. The efforts that has been made by Hezbollah and Amal between Mirna Shalouhi and Beit al-Wasat, almost inspired that there was. an understanding,” albeit unwritten, between Hariri and Hezbollah, like the written understanding between FPM and Hezbollah.

  • Sawt Beirut International