| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Behind the scenes in Vienna..International concern for Lebanon

Whenever it is said that Lebanon is inside Vienna’s backstage, this does not necessarily mean that Lebanon is being talked about in those negotiations, but everyone knows that Hezbollah is Iran’s proxy in Lebanon, and any breath of air that blows inside the negotiations’ corridors, is automatically reflected in the Lebanese interior.
In order the Lebanese interior not to be affected by these negotiations, Hezbollah must separate the fate of Lebanon from Iran, and this is a difficult matter.afaor ehen the party’s weapons are under Iran’s command, we must reap what Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah sowed, by linking regional conflicts to this weapon.
To be informed of the latest developments related to Lebanon and the region, sources familiar with the scenes that preceded the negotiations indicate to “Sawt Beirut International” that Washington, along with the countries conducting the negotiations, are watching the developments in Lebanon, and monitoring anxiously, the current government paralysis after Hezbollah and Amal movement abstained their participation in the cabinet sessions, according to what informed saources told “Sawt Beirut International.”
The sources linked the government crisis to an Iranian operation order, because Iran was not satisfied with the negotiations, as it wants all sanctions lifted, before entering the negotiations, which Washington rejects, because Iran’s behavior has not changed in the region, and the continuation of sanctions is a sound option for the American administration, as it deters the Tehran regime to some extent.”
The sources added, “Hezbollah made of Lebanon, a card, used to exert to pressure on the US in the negotiations, and to say that it controls several Arab countries such as Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq, in addition to Gaza through Hamas. And thus, Lebanon has become an item added to the negotiations in an indirect way, And any relief that Iran obtains in the negotiations, eases somehow the weight on Lebanon, and the more complicated matters are, the more severe the crisis in Lebanon will be.”
For this reason, the sources say, “The three presidents should be aware of the dangers that threaten the continuation of the government crisis, and the neccessity of separating it from the port explosion investigations, because Iran always finds an excuse through any file that constitutes a crisis of governance inside Lebanon, and adheres to it for the sake of its interests, and in the end, The Iranian regime does not care about Lebanon’s interest, its priority is the Iranian nuclear.”