| 22 April 2024, Monday |

Beirut Port Scene: My nation is to blame!

Remember the victims and those responsible for their murder, and look at the collapse of the silent witness to the crime of August 4, 2020, here is the Lebanese state, days away from the second anniversary of the August explosion, succeeding in erasing the truth and eliminating the features of the crime.

A fresh crime perpetrated by the authority today intended at striking the collective memory by destroying the garbage, the collapse of a section of the northern part of the wheat silos in the port of Beirut impacted by an explosion, the state is focused on murdering us once more, and the crime continues. “The second anniversary is twice the pain.”

The fire that started more than three weeks earlier and was not put out is what got us here, and the garbage will not collapse all at once, 20 months after the August 4 crime, for which the offender was not held guilty. We are the live witnesses to their crime, and we will never give up the truth and justice no matter how hard they try to avoid it. “Your crime will not be forgotten.” The truth will not collapse if some of the garbage falls.

Two years have passed, and justice in the lexicon of the “devil of death” has been canceled, the wound is deep and alive, and the criminals are running away from justice “under the population’s nose”, inexorably on 07/31-2022, my nation did this.

The Nitrates Authority persists in obliterating the aspects of the Beirut Port blast crime and denying access to the facts about the August 4 crime. This is a shame and a manifestation of the state’s laxity and decay. Slander has fallen at the port, and their obstruction of the legal process has stopped any official from falling.

  • Sawt Beirut International