| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Between abstention and voting: Lebanon on the verge of a new May 7

Boycotting the elections, is similar to electing the Iranian militia and its allies…the country is between two projects and two camps, it is either “destructive” or “revival,” and everyone who calls for a boycott of the elections is either stupid or surrendering, and participates in the slaughter of the homeland and in handing it over to the dominant axis. So, are we on the verge of a prolonged May 7th, if “dismissing the vote” is the master of the situation?

A boycott of the upcoming “parliamentary elections” will inevitably serve the interest of the terrorist Hezbollah, and Iran will be the first beneficiary of the latter’s obtaining a parliamentary majority, and then it will be too late. As it will be equivalent to a call to install a militia -that brought us to “our hell”- to official positions of power and facilitates their obtaining with their allies the parliamentary majority that will choose the next president of the republic and the person who will be tasked with forming the government and the new ministers, through giving them confidence or withholding it from them, which portends a miserable situation, for we will be living as hostages in a Khomeinist state, and not in Lebanon, “Switzerland”, the glimmering.

Few days, and the polls begin, and the opposition that rejects this “dark” era can certainly turn it into a detour towards saving our people from tragedies, whose effects will remain for several generations, which makes it imperative for everyone who believes in the freedom and advancement of “Al-Feniq” not to boycott these elections, because it will certainly be a described crime against “Lebanon,” as a collective suicide. Participation in the elections is the duty of every Lebanese to reinforce his rejection of Iranian hegemony, as well as support for those facing the Iranian mandate project, and of course the confrontation will be at the polls. . Either Lebanon will be a free, sovereign Arab state, or it will be a servile Persian province. Dear voter, the compass is clear, what is needed is to walk the right path.

May 15, a national entiltement with the polls, as it is also a democratic entitlement that will confront Hezbollah’s dangerous project, and what is required is collective and popular revenge against all this corrupt political class that brought us to Hell.. Either the ballot, or Lebanon will be presented on a silver platter to the “Faqih”, and God will not pardon about what will happen.

  • Sawt Beirut International