| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Binding container berths without achieving justice is a “obliteration of the truth and a violation of justice”

A few days after Economy Minister Amin Salam announced the Lebanese state’s intention to conduct a biding procedure to demolish the barns at the port of Beirut, the Minister of Public Works and Transport Ali Hamiyah revealed that the French shipping group “CMACGM” owned by the Lebanese – French Saadeh family were awarded a contract to manage, operate and maintain the container terminal in the port of Beirut for a period of ten years, which leaves doubt about the fate of the port, which witnessed the largest crime committed against the victims and their families, Beirut and its heritage building, and the right of every Lebanese citizen who was harmed as a result of this disaster, especially less than three years months before the elections.

High-ranking political sources familiar with the port file consider, through “Sawt Beirut International” that all talk about demolishing the ransom or awarding container berths without achieving justice and going towards an integrated directive plan is a blurring of the truth and a blow to justice, and it is a complete end to stopping the paths of state looting, generalizing the corruption system and conducting deals.

It points out that the system’s completion of the process of looting and floating itself at the expense of the possibility of reform in the country through the continuous transactional logic in which there is no transparency and which is not subject to the logic of censorship is very strange, but not to this system, and it confirms its connection with networks of corruption far beyond the borders. The sources consider that what is happening is part of organized crime, and the Lebanese people must not remain silent.

The sources wonder if there was a process of soliciting contracts and biding in the matter of managing the operation and maintenance of the container terminal, or whether it came as a result of exclusive promises given to French President Manuel Macron during his visit to Lebanon, who was accompanied by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the French company after there was talk about a German company that was excited to win this contract.

  • Sawt Beirut International