| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

‘Birds of a feather..” Government !

As “normalization prevails”, the authority continues its policy of escaping forward on the curb of populism to evade reform and its consequences on its corrupt system … and not far from the same populist context that it adopted in approving the last series of ranks and salaries that flooded the treasury with inflation. The attempt to “bribe” the soldiers with one million pounds a month adds the “mud in this swamp “and opens the appetite of employees in all sectors and public administrations to demand “reciprocity” with the military. This, in turn will raising the level of “printing” in the national currency, so that in the end it will resemble printing “blueberry leaves ” with no purchasing value or effectiveness rather than covering the nakedness of the “infernal” ruling class.

If the recent wave of protests subsided yesterday with the reopening of the main roads in almost all regions and the withdrawal of the protesting groups  from sit-ins and rallies, then this does not mean at all that the next few days will not be witness  new, similar developments, As long as a cycle of  collapses and crises continues and escalates amid political impotence and emptiness. And  it seems that the pace of this (cycle) increases whenever there are the talk about new efforts or mediation.

Therefore, the only real and serious indicators from which to derive expectations for the coming days, are the numbers and statistics of the living, financial and health crises that plague the daily cycle of the Lebanese. This means that the spiral of political impotence will inevitably lead to a renewal of the angry street scene after a rapid decline that will not exceed a three days period. The fuse that ignited the last wave of protest, the high record price of the US dollar on the black market, exceeding ten thousand Lebanese pounds, increased yesterday with the dollar’s exchange rate reaching the ceiling of 10,700 pounds despite all the empty chatter regarding the adoption of the so-called decisions at the ministerial, security and banking meeting that was held a few days ago in Baabda Palace.

The data surrounding the government file suggest that the coming days are crucial in terms of entering a détente phase that leads to the” birth” of the government before the end of this month, amid an international atmosphere, pressuring in this direction. Also, the road isn’t completely blocked, and therefore efforts are devoted to achieving a rapid breach in the closed government “wall” within a few days.

It will first culminate with a visit by the President-designate to the Republican Palace very soon, especially since the atmosphere of communications that prevailed over more than one line during the past few days began to suggest a softer attitude in contrast to what was the case during the past weeks. But there is no hope, in Lebanon, for any future government as long as those in charge of the governmental forming file are the corrupt, which means that the government to be formed, will meet the saying of “ birds of a feather, flock together”.