| 7 October 2022, Friday |

Bkerke unifies Lebanese people and takes us back to 2005

Once again, freedom, sovereignty, and independence flags are raised in Bkerke across Lebanon, making this important popular gathering an appointment to determine Lebanon’s destiny, for the sake of the population and institutions’ freedom from illegal weapons.

Today, Bkerke is opposing to the militia’s arms in Lebanon, and the Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al Rahi is working to restore legitimacy stolen by militias who that brought the country to a crisis.

Not to forget the position of Bahaa Hariri, who literally affirmed to fully support the Maronite Patriarch in Lebanon, and his efforts invested in order to find a peaceful solution to the current crisis that Lebanon is witnessing.

At present, and more than ever, Hariri stressed that Lebanon needs to support initiatives that aim to express effective neutrality, and that unifies the Lebanese people to save their beloved country.

It is now obvious that one should start implementing patriotism, and it is very normal to see opponents of Lebanon’s freedom standing altogether against such an initiative, but no matter how long and dark the night of injustice is, it will be followed by the dawn of freedom with the support of Patriarch Al Rahi. 

Bkerki’s supporters will not affect all the attempts aimed at defeating such an honorable position, and the angry reactions to the Patriarch’s position were exactly the same as the reactions of the Syrian occupation to the call of the Maronite Bishops’ Council in September 2000.

Regardless of the reactions, everything has already been decided.  Liberation, sovereignty and independence’s journey has kicked off across Lebanon, a new hope for a country suffering from the Iranian interference.

Undoubtedly, the matter has been settled, it all expresses the reality and the glory of Bkerki. However, treacherous and corrupt leaders and the Iranian agents must reconsider their positions, bearing in mind that Lebanon will not remain subject to to their ambitions.

The Patriarch deserves ultimate respect and love. Today, Patriarch Al Rahi started the journey the Lebanese legitimacy across Lebanon and the region, and is able to lead people towards change because he has earned the respect of all.

In general, there are those who believe that Bkerke’s initiative is a step towards a new beginning in Lebanon that empowers Maronites to object to Michel Aoun, and thus forcing him to resign the sooner possible.