| 30 July 2021, Friday |

“Blocking third”, last card to save Basil, this is its course

When General Michel Aoun was asked about being the only candidate for the Lebanese presidency in 2007, he replied: “Maybe I am the key because I am independent and I love Lebanon and because I am a free man and there is no foreign capital behind me, I can be the bridge between all parties.” According to sources monitoring Aoun’s positions.

The source continues, there is no bridge left between President Aoun and the various political parties. On  one hand, despite his alliance with the “Shiite duo,” his relation with the other half of this component represented by the “Amal Movement” resembles mixing oil and water. As for the rest of the parties, the understanding papers have been torn apart. Both written and oral, whether with the “Lebanese Forces” or with the President-designate, and the matter applies to the “Marada Movement.”

The source adds that the internal bridges between President Aoun and the internal parties are mostly cut off, and Minister Gebran Bassil played a prominent role in this matter , through his attempt to control options and decisions within his movement and in many of the basic joints in the state, and the last result of this policy, is obstructing  government formation, whose Tayyar bears a proportion 70% of the responsibility for obstruction, by his adherence to the obstructed third, which became his only card after his cards has fallen one by one.

The source explains that Minister Basil, who built his political “game” on power and money, received a blow from the American administration through the sanctions that made him lose these two cards, so his access to presidency is no longer possible and he is no longer able to show or use his money and thus his loss is doubled.

Based on these losses, it was necessary for him to stick to the last card that might be his salvation stick  … and he will not abandon it, which is the “blocking third” the winning card for him, through which he can control the cabinet table by disrupting meetings or preventing any item from being listed on the schedule Business, especially with regard to appointments, the most prominent of which is the Governance of the Banque du Liban, in addition to decisions that require two-thirds approval, and thus he has the “veto” to carry out the bazaar on names.

Perhaps the most important thing that “a third” can achieve for Minister Basil in the event of the president’s absence or the end of his term. Of course, the process of filling the presidential vacancy will not be an easy journey .. then the executive authority, collectively, takes over the authority and manages the country’s affairs in a legitimate and effective manner .. So how if the third is in the hand of Minister Basil, who may decide to withdraw his ministers from the government … and here we will face a fait accompli that imposes the selection of the next president of the republic.

Results of this policy pursued by the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” has already been seen, especially if we went back to the day Hariri resigned, and Bassil sought to persuade his ally, “Hezbollah” to choose President Hassan Diab, despite the party’s conviction that Hariri should remain in charge of conducting business while awaiting some change. However,  “winds” blew components of the government and scattered it  … and lost the bet of achievements and tried to collect the scattered parts of  economy and the health situation. Then, the head of the “movement” withdrerw himself, and returned to the “maintaining Christian Rights”, in an attempt  stop the collapse of the street in front of the economic pain, especially “his” street, but this matter did not succeed, and his  options were narrowed , when envoys from decision capitals  excluded him from their meetings. Perhaps the visit of the Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry is the most prominent proof  of the isolation imposed on him, in addition to the blow he received from the French authorities that he had promised or promised himself to visit, and French Foreign Minister, Le Drian’s stancew, during the past hours, in which he stressed that the coming days will be fateful to  Lebanon, pointing out that “measures will be taken against those who obstructed a solution to the Lebanese crises.”