| 15 April 2021, Thursday | النسخة العربية

‘Carpet’ Cooperatives and Cards complete Hezbollah’s state

One of the latest practices imposed by Hezbollah that complete its state on Lebanon state’s ruins is the “Carpet Card”.

This card is a magnetic card including a password, distributed by Hezbollah to his cadres and supporters, which allows them to purchase goods and foodstuffs from cooperatives called “carpet cooperatives”, at prices lower and cheaper than the prices of subsidized goods in Lebanese supermarkets.

The questions that arise in this context are: what is the country of origin for the products available in the “Carpet Cooperatives”? Did these products enter via legitimate routes and cross borders like the airport, the port, and land borders? If this is the real case, then who opened credits in dollar currency to import these goods?

Did these products gain the approval of the Ministry of Economy and Trade? Did the importers pay the customs duties?

Sources told “Sawt Beirut International” that these goods are imported from Syria, Iraq, and Iran. It added that they have passed through the land cross borders without being charged any customs duties. Therefore, they are smuggled goods, and no one from the authorities can dare to confiscate these goods or impose any fines on the smugglers.

The “Carpet Card” is a step towards benefiting from the “Carpets Cooperative”, and an extension for Hezbollah’s state in light of the government’s inefficiency, and a total Iranian control as well.

The sources added that these products enter the country without inspecting it, and without imposing on it any fees, simply because Hezbollah is the party that monitors and controls the cross borders. The party has now its own economy and trade.

There is also “Al Qard Al-hassan”, as well as electronic equipment stores for mobile phones and others, and electrical appliances shops for selling refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and others. All these goods are sold at prices lower than the market prices because they smuggled and aren’t charged any custom fine. This is depriving the treasuring from gaining millions of dollars of custom fees not to enter the state treasury.

The tragedy in this situation is that smuggling to Syria, which draining the country’s reserves from dollar currency, cannot take place without Hezbollah’s knowledge and coverage. The same case for “Carpets Cooperatives, which cannot happen without Hezbollah’s support and coverage. That means Hezbollah is playing a vital role in the state’s bankruptcy.

Smuggling to Syria is draining the country’s reserves from dollars, and covering smuggled imports, is depriving the treasury from earning the custom fees and duties.

Who dares to ask Hezbollah what it is doing, or held it accountable? The President of the Republic is an ally of Hezbollah as per the paper of understanding they agreed on.

The Cabinet also includes ministers representing Hezbollah, and the Prime Minister sits with them on the same table. It is noteworthy that the Minister of Public Health, who is affiliated to Hezbollah, has authorized importing Iranian pharmaceutical products for chronic diseases, without obtaining the full approval of the committee concerned with this matter at the Ministry of Public Health.

Doesn’t all these violations require “auditing”, especially that the “auditing” season has begun?