| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Christian political sources: Betting on Sunni component as basis for Lebanese state

It seems that the election bells among most of the various political forces and parties has begun ringing, marking the announcement of candidates’ names, lists and alliances, so that the final picture of the electoral scene is expected to crystallize during the next month, meanwhile, most electoral machines are mobilized to follow developments on the ground in light of popular discontent from the the current political, economic and life situation that affects all Lebanese without exception, which requires the announcement of new names and realistic programs that simulate the needs and demands of people who are tired of rhetoric and big promises, as soon as possible.

Prominent Christian political sources confirm via “Sawt Beirut International,” that the elections will be taking place on time, although there was talk earlier about the possibility of postponing them, but they expect that matters will not be crystalized before the beginning of next March, and considered that what is known as the forces of the eighth of March, those who secretly aspired to postpone the elections, are now certain that this is out of question, especially since the eyes of the Arab and international community are on Lebanon, and what this election will result in. The sources stressed the importance of urging citizens to carry out their electoral duties today more than ever, and the need not to boycott them at all costs and to exercise their right to accountability.

The bet today is on the Sunni component, which is considered the basis for the establishment of the Lebanese state, consider these sources, stressing that this component cannot and should not be absent from such an entitlement, but they point out the need to reveal the names of the candidates and their programs soon, especially the new ones, for the Lebanese citizen, especially the Sunni, to know who is the most worthy person to reach the parliamentary symposium to represent him, and the sources saw that in the event that the Sunni sect, known for its moderation and openness, slackens from the exercise of its duties, it thus serves the extremist line that would change the Lebanese reality. The sources draw attention to the importance of what was said by the Maronite Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi regarding the Sunni community to remain enthusiastic and cohesive in the elections, and to participate with all its forces, personalities and elites in this entitlement.

The sources consider that if the sovereigns and those demanding change move away from these elections, it means we will be living a status quo, rather, the number of representatives of the current system may increase, which means that there will be no significant changes at the level of the entire Second Authority, including its presidency, and the sources remind the importance of the results in these elections, given that the next parliament is the one who will bring a prime minister, and they will be a guarantee for holding the presidential elections, so, the new parliamentarians will have a responsibility before God and the people about the fate of Lebanon’s future.The sources call on the forces of change, including personalities, civil society and independents, to unite within a national project centered on addressing the economic, financial and social conditions, because the fragmentation will be a reason to weaken them and deprive them of the Parliament.
The sources conclude by considering that what is essential, is the formation of a change bloc that constitutes a majority that works to reject the domination of the rule of the strong and the rule of weapons over of Lebanese society.

  • Sawt Beirut International