| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Companies struggling with death, either closure or bankruptcy

In the early nineties of last century, and after the end of the war and the beginning of the reconstruction phase, international companies and agencies began to open branches in Lebanon, and old ones reopened their doors, from these companies and agencies, the global network of “McDonald’s” restaurants. those who lived that phase, remember that after the opening, queues of cars extended for more than a kilometer to buy a quick meal, such as a “burger” and other products of that global brand. The issue was not a matter of tasting this meal, but rather an expression that the Lebanese enjoys tasting international cuisine, as if he is in New York, Washington, Paris, or London.

Why this introduction?

Because, after thirty years since that “event,” events unfold, but in reverse:

The global restaurant network “Pizza Hut” for fast food announces the closure of all its branches in Lebanon. The announcement was made with a touching  “Post” on its Facebook page, which was concluded as follows:” thank you deeply for your love through the years, and for the unforgettable moments, keep these beautiful memories in mind, one day we will be back to make more beautiful memories.”

The closure is not “normal” news because “Pizza Hut” has thirteen branches in Lebanon, and if we assume that each branch has twenty workers, this means that two hundred and sixty workers have become unemployed, that is, two hundred and sixty families. How will these maintain their livelihood? what about their children’s schools, universities, medicines, food and clothing?

It is a new tragedy.

Tragedies don’t stop there:

LG Electronics has begun laying off its employees in preparation for the closure of all its branches and showrooms in Lebanon, and the decision comes after the economic conditions deteriorated significantly, which led to an increase in the company’s financial loss.

After this soon closure, dozens of the company’s workers and engineers will be on the street, joining the thousands who have lost their jobs and careers.

What is next?  No one risks giving an answer, but what is certain, is that closure has become the rule, and steadfastness, the exception.

“Pizza Hut” and “LG” grabbed a buzz because they are both global companies, but what about the smaller local companies and establishments that no one hears about?

Unfortunately, the collision with the ground happened, and it was loud, as for the rulers, officials and “designated” it seems that they are either oblivious or stupid, but the result is one, the country under their rule will be heading to further collapse.