| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

Conflicts inside the expatriate FPM machine… Basil angry

The figures that were leaked from the FPM machine were not welcomed inside Basil’s corridors, who expressed his displeasure with some officials in the FPM authority abroad, and thus blamed the movement’s mismanagement regarding the elections.

In private information for the “Sawt Beirut International” website, the supporters of the movement who registered their names did not fulfill their duties and a large number of them did not go to the polling stations.

Some supporters find themselves embarrassed by the electing of the FPM’s lists, especially after the crisis that afflicted Lebanon, of which the movement bears a large part, and there is difficulty in convincing people to vote for Bassil and his movement.

The information revealed about the conflicts inside the expatriate FPM machine, especially after an audio recording of Basil blaming the officials inside the machine. There was an argument between the members of the machine who said, “How should we convince people if we are not convinced? Let Basil and come and lead the battle and take the responsibility of convincing people himself, so that he can see how people resent him just by mentioning his name. We are here abroad as a result of the policies that led us to emigrate, so how can we convince the people who consider that the covenant today is with Basil”, then the head of the machine intervened and the discussion broke up.

According to the information received, there is a large amount of money that was spent to finance the power machines, but without interest. There is a logistical and personnel shortage, mismanagement, and a large number of the movement’s supporters refused to work as volunteers, claiming that they have private businesses and cannot appear under any party slogan because it endangers their interests.

  • NNA