| 27 September 2021, Monday |

Congrats to Lebanon, a prime minister designated by Hezbollah militia

Any respectful country overviewing the political scene in Lebanon, will realize that Hezbollah militia tops the list of blocs that named Najib Mikati a Prime Minister to handle this dreadful task.

Mikati belongs today to a political line that wants to approach the situation from a wrong angle. This means that Hezbollah is a political component, and that the dispute with the President of the Republic Michel Aoun requires alliance, or at least harmony with Hezbollah.

In Lebanon currently, whoever wants to antagonize Aoun has to be Hezbollah’s ally, and Aoun himself in order to oppose everyone is an ally of Hezbollah. In other words, Hezbollah is laughing at the politicians and using them for the sake of Iran.

How can the government in Lebanon see the light while Hezbollah awaiting the new orders from Tehran? The latter’s eyes are on Vienna, and Vienna has stalled negotiations upon Iran’s request to delay talks until President Ibrahim Raisi takes office.

Lebanese who are lost in the details of the malicious Iranian game, and paying the high cost of this game. While the state’s treasury has become literally empty, bankruptcy has emerged. President Michel Aoun has said previously that “the country is heading towards Hell” if a rescue government was not formed. Now after nine months it became obvious that ‘Hell’ was not just a threat, but rather a date, and here it has come?

Searching for a rescue government was just an illusion, and declaring the acceptance of the French initiative was just an act of deception, in order to buy time. The game is now over, as the country is without a government and without alternatives, with no options other than waiting to reach the bottom of Hell.

Just as Iran has turned Iraq through its militias there into a source of plunder, it wants Lebanon to play the same role, and corruption in both cases is the desired economy.

In what sense could it have accepted an international rescue package that would turn into an obstacle to the “corrupt economy”? In any sense, it was possible to accept a French initiative that weakens Hezbollah’s power, with a government of technocrats and a Parliament that was elected in 2009, which prolonged it mandate three times “because of the security situation,” until it reached the 2018 elections. A new deteriorating security situation could repeat the same scenario currently. With an economic crisis from the bottom of Hell, “Somalization” will be the path.

This is the will of the other mafia head in Iran. In fact, all those under his influence are ‘somalizing’, and Lebanon today is not on a new date to form a government, but rather in front of a new division between an unethical and corrupt class.