| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Covenant of the world’s seven wonders

Since its very beginning, Lebanon has never witnessed a collapse like the one it’s living currently, and despite all the occupations, the Cedar’s nation has gone through, it was always able to overcome it and rise again.

Today, we are living the worst of Lebanon’s phases throughout history, under the worst presidential covenant since independence. All state institutions are collapsing and corrupted. Parliament is not fulfilling its duties, and the government is in a caretaking mission, after it spent all the money, and the state treasury went bankrupt.

Lebanon without electricity, after spending more than 40 billion dollars on energy, there is no power or energy at the EDL.

Lebanon without medicine, to get sick in this country, means you are on the verge of dying, for you cannot afford medication costs, and no new day is guaranteed, if you are a social security “guaranteed”.

The Lebanese pound became a prey to the US dollar, as it has lost 90% of its value, and the citizen can no longer catch up with the hard currency, the bread bundle is above 4 thousand pounds and the price is likely to rise.

We live in the Stone Age era, and in the worst covenant of a president who did nothing for his collapsed country, as the son-in-law, is more worthy of the palace, and he is the president’s only concern, “ the hell with the government,” as what is most important is what Gobran” desires for .

The current era lived its worst days, 3 governments ended with resignation, and the fourth government is on the path of its predecessors, if it is to be formed.

Despite the fact that the President of the Republic is a former commander of the army, the army during Aoun’s era has no fuel or foodstuffs, and soldiers’ salaries cannot afford even, transportation.

Michel Aoun’s covenant created wonders in Lebanon, and delivered it to collapse, knowing that Aoun does not bear the responsibility alone, but he is the President of the Republic and has disrupted the presidential elections for more than two years to reach Baabda. So, the pretext of presidential lack of powers does not spare him the responsibility, as he had participated in all the governments since 2009, and he took over sensitive ministries such as energy and communications, and his Tayyar is directly responsible for the waste in the electricity file.

This covenant appointed Basil as Minister of Foreign Affairs, because of his loyalty and alliance with Hezbollah. And thus, Lebanon is left without any Gulf or Arab friend.

Devastation at all levels. So, the Covenant deserves to be placed on the list of the worlds’ seven wonders, for the wonders it has afflicted this country with, in terms of series of collapses.