| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Daou to SBI: Iran is concerned about Russia’s situation for fear of losing the cover in Syria

It is not the first time that Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah accuses the state’s pillars and its allies of treason. However, in his latest speech he went further, considering that the Lebanese Foreign Ministry’s statement regarding the war in Ukraine was drafted at the US embassy, considering US the “Greatest Devil”, and of course, Saudi Arabia had a share also in this attack.

This attack by Nasrallah has its justifications and objectives that go beyond the Lebanese borders and are linked to the Ukrainian events because of their repercussions and consequences on Iran and its militias in the region.

Based on what was previously mentioned, the General Coordinator of the Rally for Sovereignty Naufal Daou said in an interview with Sawt Beirut International (SBI) that Nasrallah stayed silent on the demarcation maritime borders file in the first stage because it is part of an integrated deal that begins in Vienna and ends with demarcation. This means in other words, the nuclear file that Iran can relinquish in the region and the world.

Daou added: “When the Ukrainian-Russian war began, it became clear that there was confusion in some files including the nuclear file, as the Russians had an essential role in withdrawing highly enriched uranium from Iran and taking it to Russia, which has the largest role in building nuclear reactors. So, the results of  Russia’s war on Ukraine, which is supported by the Americans and the European Union, will lead to an obstruction that will not allow Iran to quickly obtain concessions on lifting sanctions. Therefore, Nasrallah intervened to escalate the demarcation file and the issue of Lebanon’s relationship with the Americans and its positioning. Lebanon does not want to take a consistent position with the Americans, but rather with Russia, to complete its viewpoint in order to reach the economy and the military.

Daou added that the events in Ukraine will have its repercussions on all countries, especially Syria, because Russia will face difficulty in moving as in the past, and confrontation is impossible on more than one front. For these reasons, it seems that Iran is afraid and worried, as it was covered by Russia to seize the land, and this matter will push Iran’s opponents to expand into Syria more at its expense.

The Israeli factor must be mentioned, Daou added, because it is communicating with Turkey, which in turn communicates with Ukraine and Russia. This is in addition to its presence inside Syria, which it is trying to preserve and even to expand, and this matter will give Israel better movement due to the Russian absence. There has been cooperation previously between Russia and Israel.

In conclusion, Daou believes that cards will be shuffled in the coming weeks, and this will have a large impact on Lebanon, which will have considerations and calculations related to the elections and their results.

  • Sawt Beirut International