| 22 April 2024, Monday |

Decisive international understanding: Aoun will not stay one minute after his term ends

Americans have not issued so far any official stance or comment on French President Emmanuel Macron’s Gulf move regarding Lebanon, noted Western diplomatic sources, or the extent of French coordination with them in this field. Lebanon’s completion of the implementation of international resolutions is a permanent American demand, and if Washington wants to escalate the accountability of Lebanon, it can do so.
However, the sources confirm to “Sawt Beirut International” that the US-French coordination on the Lebanese situation is still present and irreversible, and there is an American green light for the French to make international and Arab efforts to establish a certain level of internal consensus to pass this stage. And according to the sources, the French and American policy meets in two main issues:
Supporting Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s government, on the basis that there is no alternative to that, so it is supported. They are ready to support it further hoping that it will be able to control the situation and reach an internal dialogue. They are aware that the situation in Lebanon is not one hundred percent under the government’s control, and they understand that a party on the ground, ie “Hezbollah”, is in control, and they are in conflict with it. The current US administration has continued the policy of the previous administration, but with lower standards, because it may be dealing with realism, but it is adopting a policy of supporting the government.
Second, is waiting for the international negotiations’ results with Iran over its nuclear program, and the way it will reflect the region’s files, including the Lebanese file. At this intervening time, there is a focus from both sides on stability and stabilization, and on holding the parliamentary elections on time, as it should be a point of change. And thus, stability is a common title between the two parties.
Holding the Lebanese parliamentary elections on time, is the expected first step towards Lebanon, through the French-American contacts, and there are great pressures for these elections to take place, as they constitute the beginning of political change, amid intense pressure on Hezbollah and work to end its military role. However, the next step is the final agreement between Lebanon and the International Monetary Fund, and reforms will be initiated thereafter. As for the next stage, there is the international emphasis on holding presidential elections, even if it does not take place on time, but there is an international understanding and with Russia as well, that President Michel Aoun will not stay a single minute in Baabda Palace after the end of his term, and this matter is settled. .
Consequently, this entails an international and Arab stance, that there is no serious aid to Lebanon and no radical solutions, before the end of the Aoun era. Only what the international community focuses on from now until the end of this era, is the parliamentary elections, where sanctions will be imposed on any personality who intend to obstruct them.