| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Diplomatic sources explain to SBI, potentiality of sending international forces to Lebanon.

The idea of sending International forces to protect Lebanon and spare it from collapse and its security and anarchy consequences, has been circulated lately. But according to diplomatic sources familiar with the movement of international contacts and consultations regarding Lebanon and ways to save it, there is a number of data, it has mentioned to “Sawt Beirut International” as follows:

First: There is no serious talk about a new international military protection to be sent to Lebanon, and no international forces will be in Lebanon except for the international force operating in the south “UNIFIL” to implement Resolution 1701. Moreover, the renewal of this force will take place in August, within least tension possible, with no escalating stances in the Security Council, asking for the mission to be expanded, amended, or increased in its personnel.

Second: No international party is available to achieve such an idea of sending new international forces to Lebanon. Because all countries are preoccupied with improving their economies and getting out of the Corona pandemic, and that the international assistance’ limits to Lebanon, are restricted to help it in forming a government that will carry out the desired reforms and move the country from a state of collapse to a state of real rescue. International efforts are also focused on sending humanitarian aid to the Lebanese, and what concerns them most, is to maintain a stable security situation, by assisting the Lebanese army and other Lebanese security forces. Thus, anything additional is not of international concern at all, given other international priorities. And no one has the privilege of time to do such a thing for Lebanon. Plus, any move of this kind requires a huge diplomatic effort, and no one is ready for this right now.

Third: Even if the international community wanted to send other international forces to Lebanon, it cannot do so without an official request from the Lebanese government. And In light of the current constitutional and political conditions in Lebanon, this matter is so unlikely to happen. Lebanon will not take such a step on its own, because an internal consensus from all parties must approve it.  And there are parties that do not want to resort to such an option to protect Lebanon, because all what they want, is more collapse for Lebanon and not protecting it. Rather, they are actually working on its collapse and demise, and they do not care which slope it  fells in, as Lebanon’s collapse is their project. Sources also confirm that Lebanon is not currently considered to be under international trusteeship, as it needs a resolution issued by the Security Council. However, it can be considered that an international and Arab communities are doing their outmost, to extricate Lebanon from the difficult political and economic situation, and it will not provide any serious economic aid unless it implements the required reforms.