| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Diplomatic sources: Four points of focus for US-French coordination to resolve Lebanon’s crisis

The reason behind the American-French-Arab and international initiatives to support Lebanon and resolve its crisis is that officials in the US and France expect the worst from the current political and living situation in Lebanon, according to Western diplomatic sources for Sawt Beirut International (SBI).

Sources reveal that both Washington and Paris do not want further collapse, especially on the security level. They even consider that the situation without a rescue government cannot wait for the parliamentary elections. Sources added that they are putting robust pressure in order to form a government, and to find a solution for the deteriorating economic collapse, which made Lebanon a priority for both countries.

Sources unveil that there is an international frustration concerning what’s happening in Lebanon. Even though, the American and French initiative will not stop, and they will continue to work with the concerned parties to reach a solution. It is noteworthy, that the American and French parties are not able to impose a government, but rather the Lebanese officials must assume their responsibilities in this regard. US and France will not hesitate to pressure and ask all external parties to cooperate in order to form a government.

Sources reported that the extraordinary move of the US Ambassador, Dorothy Shea and the French Ambassador to Lebanon, Anne Grillo in more than one direction focused on the following:

  • Seeking constantly international and Arab aid for the Lebanese people, especially that the country’s situation is worrying. Arab countries have white hands, and provide a lot of humanitarian aid to Yemen and Syria, and to curb the coronavirus pandemic. These countries have the ability to coordinate and respond to all arising needs, if the situation deteriorated more in Lebanon.
  • Focusing on security assistance to the Lebanese army and the Internal Security Forces, and encouraging international and regional countries to participate. American and French diplomats are concerned about the soldiers’ salaries after it lost 95 percent of its value. Soldiers are either fleeing the institution or leaving their work, or shifting to another profession while maintaining their task in the army, or the security forces. This situation is unacceptable for these countries.
  • Regarding the government, Washington and Paris are concerned about facilitating the formation of the government, and hope that Lebanese officials carry out their duties to form a government that can prepare for running the parliamentary elections.
  • Washington and Paris are waiting for what will happen in the future projects supported by the World Bank, in light of the caretaking government.

On July 20, an international conference will be held in Paris to support the Lebanese people, but it has not yet emerged if its goal is financing or otherwise.

Sources indicated that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has strong relations with the French, and that US-French coordination is at its maximum level to resolve Lebanon’s crisis.

  • Sawt Beirut International