| 28 May 2022, Saturday |

“Disarming resistance” treasonous standard for vast majority of Lebanese

16 years have passed since the Israeli aggression in 2006, after which calm prevailed on the southern front, with the exception of some penetrations, marches, and muffled missiles, with the exception of those whose missile trucks passed through the Shwaya area and angered its people, when the identity of these missiles was revealed… It belongs to “Hezbollah”, whose flag is removed by the phrase “the Islamic resistance in Lebanon” and it clearly indicates that this resistance has branches in more than one country, according to a special source of “Sawt Beirut International”.

The source continues that the speech of the head of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc, MP Muhammad Raad, in which he considered, “Those who demand the disarmament of the resistance tweet elsewhere, at least it has nothing to do with patriotism.” … This is a language of treason against the overwhelming majority of the Lebanese who demand the sovereignty of the state and the Lebanese army over an area of 10,452 thousand It is not possible to impose on it a strategy linked to countries that do not share common roots with the Lebanese Republic, which was one of the pillars of the Arab League and contributed permanently to extinguishing the civil war.

Perhaps the Arab delegates from Al-Akhdar Al-Ibrahimi to Amr Moussa and other personalities are the clear evidence that the Lebanese people did not leave the Arab brothers to their fate, whether at the political or age levels, when the Kingdom’s support reached 70 billion dollars between 1990 and 2015, in addition to the support it allocated to the army The Lebanese deposits worth $3 billion in 2013. These deposits and aid differ from the Iranian deposits in Lebanon, which aim to tear the Lebanese fabric through the use of its loyalists as a bargaining chip in many files, especially in the Middle East, the latest and most notable of which is the Iranian nuclear file and its continuous armament under the slogan “Reclaim Palestine.” From the Israeli enemy, at a time when the enemy’s planes are breaching the skies of Lebanon, passing through the southern suburbs, and carrying out raids on the Iranian militia’s warehouses and centers in the Syrian depth on an ongoing basis.

On the other hand, these forces do nothing but launch some missiles that are allowed to be used in order to save face, and it seems that the Israeli enemy adheres to certain lines during its raids that target specific shipments of weapons to maintain a certain balance between it and the Iranian militias.

The source adds, Gentlemen, the resistance is not restricted to a sect or sect and its nuclei, which were formed in the eighties and with the help of its sons, and no one can help us defend the occupied lands of Lebanon and confront the Israeli enemy, and the publicity of the efforts of the commander of the “Quds Force” Qassem Soleimani, through managing the battles against the “Zionist enemy” in 2006, has clear evidence that the resistance is not national, but rather, it is subject to external dictates, so how if it is a non-Arab fighting its wars by means of mediation and depends for its projects on the dollar, the currency of the “Great Satan”, the phrase they call the United States instead of relying on the Iranian “Toman”.



  • Sawt Beirut International