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Duo’s agenda prevails…While Mikati in denial.

“Truth will eventually come out” So why does President Najib Mikati force himself into saying words, he knows in advance, are not true? And if he says: “The sky is yellow, will it turn yellow?

President Mikati says: “The government will convene to discuss the budget and a normal agenda. And no one, no one, no one, and I say it three times, can set the cabinet’s agenda and harm the powers of the Prime Minister, who waited for more than three months without calling for a session, out of respect for a Lebanese component who refused to attend, and no one has the right to set the agenda and harm the personality of the Prime Minister, who respected the charter so as not to challenge anyone, and hope that no one would challenge him through imposing his government’s agenda because it is a constitutional prerogative. Those who refuse to discuss items other than the budget, can abstain from voting or declare their disagreement with any other items, but I do not agree in any way to determine the government’s agenda.

Before Prime Minister Mikat’s “ink of his words were dried”, Hezbollah addressed him with another “slap”, challenging the prime minister that it is the one who sets the agenda for the session.

The party’s words came in the statement of Hezbollah’s bloc of Representatives, which considered that the Council of Ministers is to “study the draft budget on the one hand, and to finalize the economic recovery plan, in order to restore order to the economic cycle in the country.” Is there a clearer statement regarding limiting the Cabinet session with two items?

It has been more than a week since the Hezbollah, Amal Movement’s duo, “released” the cabinet sessions, so why did President Mikati not invite a session until a week later? If the pretext was that the draft budget law had not yet been completed, then this is evidence that the sessions are dedicated to the budget only, and if this were not the case, then President Mikati would have set an agenda that did not include the budget and the Council of Ministers began studying it.

In this context, the budget should have been completed last October, that is, before the start of the regular session of the House of Representatives, so why was it delayed all these months? Did Minister Mikati ask his finance minister about the reason for this delay?

Prime Minister Mikati, in this case, is practicing a state of denial, knowing for sure that he would not have been able to prepare to call for a cabinet session, had the Amal and Hezbollah duo not issued a statement declaring their “approval” for the resumption of cabinet sessions, then how is it that no one can harm the powers of the prime minister”?

Mikati called for a cabinet session, after a long absence that lasted for a hundred days, and most of the items on the agenda (56 items) do not depart from the financial and economic framework, which means that Mikati “submitted” to the will of Hezbollah and Amal and “turned the corners” again, to suggest that “he is the one with authority,” but the agenda, with its 56 items, exposed him.

Source: Independent Arabic, Sawt Beirut International

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