| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Early parliamentary elections …necessity of what is not necessary

Three years ago, in this same month, general parliamentary elections took place. Only a year is left of this of this council’s term. This council lost ten deputies, eight by resignation and two by death. No by-elections were held to fill the ten vacant seats, in clear contravention of the constitution, but who is to be held accountable? Unfortunately, the constitution in Lebanon has become a point of view.

And if those concerned have turned their attention to the by-elections, how can they demand submission to the demands of holding early parliamentary elections? For whoever does not respond to the smaller request, how does he respond to the greater demand?

Early parliamentary elections are unrealistic and do not lead to the desired goal, for the following reasons:

Even if early parliamentary elections are approved, this requires preparation for at least two months, which means that the date for holding it will be in summer, and it is not desirable in summer season, as those of the expatriates who spend the summer in Lebanon may be distracted from coming because of the “electoral battles.” .

The holding of elections, after two months of preparation, means that they will take place ten months before the end of the current parliament’s term. So, it is not worth it to hold early elections

Those in charge of taking this decision have read disappointing polls about their, for example. the reports showed decline in the popularity of the Free Patriotic Movement in more than one region, especially in Keserwan. Thus, it is unlikely that Gibran Bassil will approve early elections, and it is known that Basil’s desires are like orders when it comes to the President of the Republic who has a major influence in the relevant decision

Even if early parliamentary elections take place, it is not expected to bring about a fundamental change in the balance of power, especially since the groups and forces of the revolution, movement and opposition need more time to organize their ranks and coordinate with each other to achieve the reliable breach.

Most of all, the priority of the Lebanese today is not early parliamentary elections, but rather reform, uncovering corruption, recovering stolen money, and setting up a plan to save those who are on the brink of poverty or below the poverty line, and these constitute seventy-five percent (75%) of the total Lebanese people.

What is required is to prepare for the general elections, but on its due time, and not an early one. The next council has a strategic mission, which is to elect a new president for the republic, an entitlement it will face six months after the beginning of its term. The nature of this entitlement achievement will determine its course for what will be left of its term, that is, three years and six months.

This is the big challenge, aside it is nothing but minor details.