| 1 March 2024, Friday |

Electoral silence.. Aoun: “Silence, so I will talk.” Rahi: “Don’t be silent”

According to the laws in force regarding the parliamentary elections, starting from the electoral authorities call, to the electoral silence defined by the electoral law in Article 78, which starts from the zero hour of the day prior to the election day and until the closing of the ballot boxes, which prohibits broadcasting any advertisement, propaganda or direct electoral appeal.

This silence, although broken by some candidates and their electoral machines in terms of electoral propaganda, is recorded as a violation of the law. As for what happened during the expatriate voting, it was a resounding violation of the electoral silence for years towards those who robbed the will of the people, monopolizing their representation by electoral laws that only take into account the interests of the power parties, that ravaged the country and the people. They squandered in front of the polling stations, despite attempts to stifle them, to muffle their voices, which were able to breach all the walls that surrounded orphaned polling stations, which were filled with the voices of voters aspiring for change.

The boxes were sealed with red wax and transported to Lebanon, but if arrived, will not be welcomed by the ruling authority, which celebrated the end of the first stage of the parliamentary elections logistically, as President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, attended the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to congratulate, provided that they “be silenced,” the attendees are accustomed to this phrase that General Aoun launched it in 2005 on his return from Parisian exile. Silence prevailed while waiting for the author of the saying “O great people of Lebanon” to deliver his speech on the logistical success of the electoral process, and congratulating the staff of the Lebanese Foreign Minister, Abdullah Bou Habib, with one difference that the scene of foreign affairs does not resemble the stage of 1988 in the “People Palace.”

General Michel Aoun used to use the phrase “shut up” at times of unusual noise related to battles in which conventional weapons are not used, so how if the battle is related to the fate of the “Free Patriotic Movement” and the son-in-law, the former minister, Gebran Bassil, who watched on screens the extent of the collapse his Tayyar is experiencing, with the continuation and insistence of the overwhelming majority of the Lebanese to bring about the change required to restore Lebanon as a “free, independent master.” They are the ones who pledged to Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Ra’i on February 2021 to follow the path he set out to achieve his “No’s,” the most prominent of which are… “Do not remain silent about arms except the legitimate ones ,about confiscating the national decision, about the coup against the state and the system.”

In conclusion, the last chance on May 15, and the real model was manifested in the expatriates’ elections, especially those who were embraced by the Arab and Gulf countries for decades and are still. They sent a clear message to the Lebanese at home with a large turnout for the vote, and thus they sent a clear message to those who are concerned with the matter, which is “We will not be silent.”

  • Sawt Beirut International