| 21 October 2021, Thursday |

Ending Iranian occupation of Lebanon, is a joint national responsibility

A lot is being said about the parliamentary elections, after the formation of Prime Minister Mikati’s government, and the truth is that there is no point in any elections, if the candidate does not raise the banner of ending Iranian occupation of Lebanon immediately.

Whoever has a vision and follow-up on the Lebanese issue realizes that what is happening in the country is just a barter for the entire political scene, aiming at turning Lebanon into a bazaar and bartering ground, when necessary, while the Lebanese ruling staff is a submissive partner to Hezbollah militia, and thus it should not stay in power any longer. Meanwhile, the new government evaded the issue of introducing Iranian gasoline across the Syrian border, and the coming days, and what these people are preparing for Lebanon regarding the great coup, might be much greater than expectations, because the corrupt government has a project to demolish all the details of the Lebanese state.

The slogan of the stage is, the Lebanese Republic is over, and welcome to the Republic of the Iranian Hezbollah militia. If there are countries monitoring the situation in Lebanon, this requires all the Lebanese to take bold decisions to prevent the fall of the Lebanese entity and the change of the Lebanese identity, and when a state allows a militia to take over its protection and care tasks, and when a ruler relinquishes the exercise of his constitutional role, the Iranian ships will open the gates of hell to the Republic of Lebanon, which has become like the prodigal son, waiting for the return to his father’s bosom.

Will Lebanon be heading towards a stage where the obedience of the civil employees becomes subject to the militia and not to their state? The answer is yes, and the scene was clear at the border with Syria, and through the legitimate crossings under the control of the militias and not the state, where the  Iranian oil tanks entered amid a  ridiculous play, written by Iran and directed by Hezbollah militias on the Lebanese stage, and the state is deaf, dumb and blind, as a result of the presence Michel Aoun in power, who is a good ally to Nasrallah.

So, Is Aoun an ally of the party or a follower? It is clear that he is submitted to the armed party, and what is surprising is that the Mikati government has become a partner in all of this as well, and still believes that the countries of the world will view it as a credible government.

The republic age has already ended, and Lebanon has fallen in front of everyone, during Michel Aoun era, and in coordination with all those in power, and under slogans that Lebanon has the right to resort to any country in order to help its people. Hezbollah brought woes upon Lebanon and plunged it into the maze of defying international sanctions, imposed on the mullahs’ regime of Tehran and Assads’.