| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Europe is angry… Is Aoun on the sanctions list?

It seems that the international community has taken a decision to save Lebanon and its people, to prevent the collapse of its economy, and to help it overcome this difficult stage that it is going through.

But this path will be carried out in isolation from the politicians accused of obstruction, who will be faced with one solution, which is to stop obstruction and rush to form a government to avoid international anger, which is no longer a joke.

Lebanese politicians are putting fearing the French-European list of sanctions and travel bans following their failure to solve the government’s dilemma. A political consensus was made between the European Union foreign ministers during a meeting in Brussels last Monday to prepare for these sanctions.

European political sources confirmed to “Sawt Beirut International”, that “Paris is not joking, and it is angry at the Lebanese politicians who obstructed the process of forming the government in accordance with the French initiative, which was the remaining stage of salvation for Lebanon and its people.”

The sources believed that there is no solution in front of Paris except for sanctions, but this time the penalties will be severe and shocking in terms of names.

The sources revealed that a former prime minister, a current leader and a former minister, are all three, on top of the list prepared by Paris in cooperation with the European Union, in addition to big and illustrious names in the Lebanese political community. “The list is ready, and the reports were prepared according to what the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian touched during his recent visit to Lebanon”.

The sources indicated that the penalties are not unified, as the punishment varies according to the persons, because the penalties can include President Michel Aoun, and this increases Lebanon’s international isolation. “There is a tendency not to cooperate with Baabda if the sanctions include President Aoun”.

And the sources continued, “The inclusion of Aoun on the list of sanctions has many repercussions on the course of politics in Lebanon, and it is the first of its kind, and therefore the issue of punishing Aoun is carefully considered, because the matter is very delicate and the situation in Lebanon can no longer tolerate more crises.”

The same sources point out that there are those who do not favor the inclusion of Aoun on the sanctions list, and this is in order to preserve the European relationship with the first presidential seat in Lebanon, saying that it is sufficient to impose sanctions on his movement and its leader, Gebran Bassil.

  • Sawt Beirut International