| 14 June 2021, Monday | النسخة العربية

European reliance in Yarze’s Generel not in Baabda’s one.

It was evident from the warm French presidential hospitality to Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun visit , that the foreign wager on the of Yarze General’s responsibility in maintaining stability in Lebanon has become greater than the bet on Baabda’s General  and all the pillars of the ruling political system, who demonstrated to the whole world a blatant lack of responsibility through obstructing the French initiative, and showed indifference to its people’s suffering. And that it does not give priority to any national interest at the expense of its personal priorities and divisional interests that prevented the formation of a specialized, reformist government to restrain collapse, and this is what French President Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed during his meeting with General Aoun, stressing that, the condition is, forming a government capable of implementing reforms to provide international aid to Lebanon.

International confidence is lost in Lebanon and its political class, especially in the covenant’s team and party, which exposed every ill deed, from obstruction to another, and from corruption to suspicious deals in all the ministries that the “Free Patriotic Movement” assumed.

Well-informed European sources told “Sawt Beirut International, “that international bodies, led by France, began to move towards the post-parliamentary elections and the end of Michel Aoun’s era, which proved its failure in saving the country.

The same sources indicate that the Europeans now know very well the Lebanese structure, especially the composition of the ruling class, which is no longer reliable for Europeans, and therefore, there is serious talk about preparing a figure capable of saving Lebanon and overcomes its crises.

The sources added, “The army commander enjoys the confidence of the international community, despite the crises afflicting Lebanon, he was able of managing matters well, and was also capable of neutralizing the military establishment from political disputes with full responsibility.

It pointed out that General Aoun’s visit to France, aimed at renewing the French confidence in the Lebanese army and the need to support it, as Paris considers it Lebanon’s backbone, given that France is afraid of the country’s collapse if the army wavers.

Aoun briefed all his hosts of the Lebanese army needs, which are not limited to weapons, but also to other things, most notably support for the military, especially in light of the economic and financial crisis Lebanon is going through, and its impact on the military personnel’s salary and living conditions.