| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

Even to Israel, Nasrallah never said… “You are a terrorist” 10 times in one speech

Ten times in one paragraph of his speech, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, used the phrase “the terrorists are you,” in addressing the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and also using the phrase: ” Mr. Majesty.”

Never in the history of political discourses in Lebanon, and even by those of Hezbollah leaders, when attacking Israel, has the term “terrorist” been used ten times in one speech and in one paragraph. So what does that mean?

First, it means that Nasrallah does not give any consideration to the Lebanese state, and he knows in advance that presidents and officials are not able of blaming him, and all they can do is short, is issuing timid statements that are not what is required, but rather decisive and firm measures are required.
Resigned Minister of Information, George Kordahi, used the two words “absurd war” in his description of the war in Yemen, so what was accepted, was nothing less than his resignation.

Nasrallah went much further. He used the phrase “the terrorists are you” ten times. What were the reactions? A brief statement from Prime Minister Najib Mikati, then a statement from the President of the Republic, in which he hinted that “keenness for relations” should be reciprocal, as if he is blaming the kingdom! Even Hezbollah attacked President Mikati for his stance, describing him as a sycophant, i.e; from Hezbollah’s point of view, Nasrallah’s speech should have been praised!

There is no longer any doubt that Hezbollah rules the country, and that the existing authority is nothing but a tool in its hands, and this is a realistic fact and not a slander to anyone, because the officials agreed to be a tool. Did not President Mikati declare last February that “power is in the hands of Hezbollah”? As for President Aoun, he always invokes that he has no powers, although his signature and his “tongue” compensate for a lot. When he hints that he will not sign, everything that needs to be signed, will be disrupted, such as the judicial formation decree that has been “sleeping in the drawers” of his office for two years. When the events of Tayouneh erupted, he picked up the phone and called President Berri and Dr. Geagea, and he was not satisfied with a statement. So why, after Nasrallah’s speech, did he not pick up the phone and call him or one of his close aides? Perhaps the reason is because he was satisfied with the speech, especially in its first paragraph, where Nasrallah spoke about the party’s adherence to the Mar-Michael understanding “and we are ready to enhance it.” These words chills President Aoun, and prevent him from criticizing Nasrallah’s stance.

The speech proves beyond any doubt, that Lebanon is a hostage by Hezbollah, and whoever believes otherwise, is living an illusion.