| 24 June 2024, Monday |

Everyone buys and sells in Lebanon

During political bazaars, everyone is buying and selling in Lebanon, and the fate of the Lebanese people is on the consul’s tables, as if people are in the nineteenth century. Smuggling continues, bankruptcy continues, the tone of immigration grows, everyone is fulfilling his own desires and only the people are the victims

In the face of this suicide, despite the decline, there is no awareness,  as if the ruling class does not understand that the house that is divided against itself is ruined, and that if Lebanon falls, it will not it will not rise again as all  the components for that are present and strongly.

The question is: Isn’t time yet  for the bombing of the devastating port of Beirut, for example, to be given the utmost importance and for the Lebanese judiciary to deal with it with absolute transparency and impartiality? As demanded by It also demanded those who are keen on Lebanon, especially the righteous son of the country, Bahaa Hariri.

Nine months have passed since this tragedy, and the families of the victims and the Lebanese are still waiting for the truth to be revealed and the perpetrators to be  held accountable, so how long will they wait for the desired justice to be achieved.

And the saying, “Tell us about one country that Iran has interfered with or occupied by its militias, and is considered a successful, rich, developed and advanced one ,” is a correct saying,  for Hezbollah,  is the worst Iranian model in Lebanon.

And the demand from Iran’s agents is clear. Tell us about any country, city, street, building, floor, apartment, virtual world then? There is no answer, and I am certain there is not , because Iran itself, due to the so-called “Khomeinist revolution”, has become a failed state and deservedly.

The question to those concerned is likewise: What has Iran provided to the economy of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Palestine? How many people has Iran provided job opportunities for from these and other countries? How much is the annual transfer of Iranian money to the aforementioned countries?

The answers are also known, zero and a set of zeros. Iran plunder and rob human lives from their bodies, so will it give them life through work, opportunity, or even a project? This matter is not only impossible, but it contradicts the mentality of the Iranian political system that lives on what harms people.

The events impose themselves on Lebanon from the gateway to the fluctuations taking place within the entrenched moods of the class, which want to approach issues from the angles of the Iranian interests and not from the angles related to the interest of Lebanon, as it has been proven to everyone near and far that they are indifferent about saving Lebanon’s ship from drowning  .

This mechanism, which has proven to be a failure through patching up living issues with fictitious decisions that the Aoun covenant had and is still using as a pretext to pass the interests of some close to it , falls in the category of betrayal of the trust and the position, its owner has been put in