| 24 May 2024, Friday |

‘Falling off a cliff’: Lebanon deserves more than this

Rational people do not argue over the fact that Lebanon had always been and will remain a distinct Arab country because it’s an “oasis of culture”, a “heaven of coexistence”, a “hotel for Arabs”, a “hospital of the Orient” and a “university of sciences”.

It’s the country that witnessed several wars yet emerged strong from them. In the wake of wars, Lebanon announced reconstruction plans and applied them effectively in a move spearheaded by slain Rafik Hariri, may he rest in peace.

But Hezbollah, nay Iran, didn’t like that. Hence, Tehran turned Beirut into a scene for its terrorism and murdered Rafik Hariri along with an elite of statesmen and free speech advocates in Lebanon. Iran ordered Hezbollah to declare war on the Lebanese people.

Young men dispatched by Hezbollah to die in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are Lebanese nationals who have nothing to do with the sectarian wars waged by Vali-ye faqih (Guardian Jurist in Iran). The men’s bodies return to their country in coffins and get buried silently as the people drown in sorrows and the country is devastated.

In light of the Beirut port explosion, the severe economic crisis that has hit Lebanon, the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelming the health sector and the popular movements that broke out, Hezbollah and Iran voiced their support to the incumbent corrupt authorities led by Michel Aoun.

Such authorities have impoverished the Lebanese people who have gone hungry, and have covered up all suspicious deals to the point where the country’s pound currency has hit an all-time low against the U.S. dollar. The Lebanese are now looking for means of survival yet they find none.

Meanwhile, Iran is playing with wasted time and trying to conclude treaties with the West and the United States. It is offering precious gifts from Beirut’s gate and other Arab capitals it occupies while Hezbollah is executing all that is instructed to do as an agent who scrupulously implements its masters’ orders.

The question here is: What has Lebanon done to pay for this devastation and sabotage? What have the people done so they go hungry, impoverished and become forced to leave their country? What do the Lebanese have to do with an axis that Tehran calls “the axis of resistance”?

Rational people know the answers to the questions above: the Lebanese are a peaceful population that wishes to have a decent living, and they have nothing to do with all these wars that aim to destroy nations. The neutrality which is supposed to be applied in Lebanon is not merely an important initiative called for by Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai, but rather a political approach that must be in place as early as possible.

As Hezbollah’s adventures drag on wishing to take Lebanon as a hostage, a domestic plot unfolds; such plot seeks to prevent the people from having a final say and deciding over their country’s fate.

Lebanon has been and is still being punished for Hezbollah’s actions and illegitimate weapons, and there is no way to salvage the country except by disarming Hezbollah group immediately.

Politicians who abstain from calling for this move are nothing but “slaves” who are subject to intimidation by Hezbollah and the corrupt ruling system in Lebanon.