| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

French attempts or a new deal on Lebanon?

Any French attempt to hold a new version of the Saint Cloud conference that produced the triple is an attempt to translate the influence of Hezbollah’s weapons and Iran’s project to change Lebanon’s identity, and the Lebanese must confront it with absolute, decisive and firm rejection.

Therefore, what is required is a return to real national balances and not devoting dismantling  of these balances under French auspices, and not to grant  value to those who have no value, and involving them as decision-makers.

There is a problem that some do not want to mention, which is that Lebanon does not need new deals. Lebanon needs radical solutions that clearly contribute to solving its crises, saving its financial system and the livelihood of its citizens.

Even Iran, which occupies Lebanon, has nothing new, other than waiting for the outcome of its negotiations with Washington in Vienna, until it makes its contribution and gives the international community opportunities to make Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq as negotiating papers when necessary.

And Hezbollah through all its initiatives  to waste time, and  give the Iranians more time as well, so that the picture becomes clear, and the desired agreement with the Biden administration takes place, and Iran takes its share of the situation that spoils security in the region and the world.

President Michel Aoun is an object and not an actor in the political framework, and he, like his Tayyar, are always waiting for something new in Haret Hreik, in order to build their positions on this “new” and even their demands that are identical with Hezbollah in the end

On the basis of quotas, President Aoun and those with him want to go towards dividing the country again, or dividing what is left of this country at all levels, and recently the Aounists no longer hide their aspirations, as they would like Hezbollah to support their desire to bequeath the presidency to Gebran Bassil

Concepts that are required to transcend, and danger that is required  to be accepted, is to maintain Hezbollah’s control over the Lebanese state for years to come and through a presidential rule that completely eliminates the role of the government and the prime minister. And even  the Presidency of the Parliament despite Berri’s alliance with Nasrallah, Hezbollah and its successor Iran are considering replacing Nabih Berri with a new Shiite figure who is totally linked to Hezbollah and completely affiliated with Iran.

Therefore, the calamity lies  within these alternative plans, and what is being prepared by the Iranian scenarios in Lebanon, and the main goal of all of this is to perpetuate the reality of oppression and the continuation of poverty cycle  in Lebanon for many years to come.