| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

From the Infernal President to the Government of Hell

The Lebanese unfortunate reality, is manifested nowadays with the impossible, and which can be summed up in two words, a president who preached the country with hell, and took it there, and an armed militia that is taking the country to hell, so how will international institutions that respect themselves and their work, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, take steps towards Lebanon, that is mired in corruption and the hegemony of the militia that controls the joints of the state?

Rather, how can countries support a worn-out country that has not taken any reform steps at administrative level? How can the Arab Gulf states in particular, open their doors to Mikati, who brought in a government subservient to Iran? And all the financial and economic movement that is going on in a vicious circle, is just a blurring of the facts, at a time when stances are forgotten, and even the next ministerial statement, will be a ridiculous model that reflects the governments auspicates.

A Lebanese state will not be established, the people will not enjoy security, and the afflicted Lebanese citizen will not have the opportunity to live a decent life Before the Lebanese legitimacy is liberated from its kidnapper, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Hezbollah militia

With the armed party displaying the smuggled diesel tanks, a question is raised: Where is the state in Lebanon? Has it collected the tax of this smuggled Iranian diesel? Has it checked its quality? Rather, did the state agree that the government hospitals receive this diesel, or are these hospitals in the Bekaa affiliated with the party? Or did the country completely surrender to the Persian occupation? Are there official answers to that?
‏ Gobran Bassil who is practicing the highest degree of cunning, malice and deception, wants to reap the fruits of the opposition axis’ victory,  by achieving more internal gains, and at the same time refuses to admit,  that he is this axis’ spoiled son, the same axis that destroyed Lebanon the state, entity, identity and role. but reckoning hour is coming, and Basil and his uncle, the president of the covenant, who preached Lebanon and its people with going to hell, will surely pay for it. Gradually It will become clear, the size of the concessions that Iran has made in favor of America, especially to guarantee Israel. As for the issue of oil and the victory festival, are nothing but a sham, in exchange for a lost and compensation for a political loss
Soon Iran will be a clawless cat, searching and panting behind the West in Vienna in order to lift the sanctions imposed on the Wali al-Faqih regime, because the regime is burdened with all these frightening consequences. And Lebanon will witness again the covenant’s preparations to market itself through the Mikati government, which is governed by a failed Iranian political program supervised by Hezbollah and the rest of Iran’s corrupt agents in Lebanon.