| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Geagea dropped Aoun’s red lines and launched a four-way initiative

Apart from the normalization scene, humiliation, and subservience that accompanied the influx of the Syrian regime into Lebanon and those who dreamed of the return of the Baathist Bashar al-Assad’s guardianship, the scene in Maarab returned the meaning of resistance to its natural place. A resistance that defended Lebanon and Lebanese, did not lose its compass in the corridors of Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. The resistance that did not offend Lebanon’s relationship with the Gulf states, did not smuggle drugs, and did not establish illegal crossings to smuggle fuel to Bashar’s followers.

In Maarab, Lebanon regained its sovereignty for hours. The Head of the Lebanese Forces (LF) Samir Geagea attributed the collapse to those who brought us to these unprecedented conditions, where people are betting to secure electricity, medicine and some liters of gasoline and diesel.

During the commemoration of the martyrs of the Lebanese resistance, Geagea launched a barrage of arrows towards Hezbollah, the Free Patriotic Movement, and the ruling class in Lebanon.

Geagea’s words were based on an essential point, which is reaching an actual strong state and putting an end to the abnormal situation represented by Hezbollah’s statelet, which controls the joints of the Lebanese state, according to the sources of the “Forces.”

Sources close to the Lebanese Force told Sawt Beirut International (SBI) that Geagea wanted through his speech to urge Lebanese, without exception, to change their situation. He went in the direction of the October 17 revolution and March 14th and for the young men and women of Lebanon, especially the Shiites, in order to make difference and build a real state.”

Sources said that Geagea has developed an integrated four-way solution, through a well-defined political initiative in a hierarchical context. The solution entails early parliamentary elections, followed by a government, then early presidential elections, and a dialogue with the elected president of the republic whose main title is Hezbollah’s weapon and expanded decentralization.”

LF sources added, “Geagea declared his regret for electing Aoun as the President of the Republic, as the results of this election contradicted the aspirations of the party, even though they were placed before a fait accompli, which is the election of a president from March 8, without leaving for them any other option.

LF wanted to turn this fait accompli into a new stage and national reconciliation, therefore, Geagea wanted to say that there are no red lines for any presidency, any position and any president, and that the only red line is around the Lebanese cedar and the general public.”

Sources believed that Geagea’s speech is complete as he told the Lebanese that “despair and frustration are forbidden, and hope is the basis for any required change. “You fought an uprising on March 14 that expelled Assad’s army from Lebanon, and an uprising on October 17 which united the streets, so you have to fight for a third upraising for the final change which is in ballots.”

  • Sawt Beirut International