| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Gebran Bassil at Hassan Nasrallah’s door

For so many reason, Lebanon’s supreme interest lies in placing the file of its oil wealth in the hands of Saudi Aramco, and the reconstruction of Beirut port in the hands of the Dubai Ports Authority. These two references secure Lebanon’s material and moral rights, guarantee the interest of Lebanon’s economy, and block the way for domestic and foreign brokers. Rather, they reinforce the strategic integration between Lebanon and its Arab depth.
And the legitimate questions on the mind of Lebanese citizens in Lebanon and abroad are:
Is it not better for Lebanon to have a strategic partnership with Vision 2030 and Expo 2020 model, instead of betting on the Iranian nuclear program and the results of negotiations between Iran and the international community and their repercussions on Lebanon?
Isn’t twinning the future of Lebanon with the Saudi “NEOM” project, and the Emirati project to reach Mars, better than twinning it with ballistic and nuclear wars?
The politicians who are incapable of building strategic relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and others, should step down and leave, and not go around the world in search of a mediator!
No Arab or International mediator is needed for the relashionship with Saudi Arabia, but a sane and visionary and owner of strategic thought, loyalty and national integrity of morality. the Lebanese problem is not in the American project , but dreams of Iran ‘s expansionist and settlement militia and the six armies created by the Islamic Republic. Hezbollah and its allies should get out from the cloak of a foreign state manipulating Lebanon’s fate and dragging it to destruction. The fate of such a project is demise, while survival is for Lebanon, the state and society.
It is never reasonable to allow an armed militia to continue its destructive project for an entire people, and to blame them whenver defend their existence and dignity, especially under a submissive ruling team. whoever following up on the events in Lebanon discovers malicious intentions, which might translate into acts of chaos, and some fear terrorist assassinations with the aim of intimidation and control, but who will protect the citizen if his state fails to do so.?
What is more important than the ruler’s post, is for the people to remain in their homeland. Great leaders preffered to resign as soon as their support rate decreased, even if Parliament begged you to stay there, There is a stronger and more effective authority, which is conscience and adherence to the nation’s constitution, to which you have sworn an oath.
President Michel Aoun may not have heard of all of this, while the Lebanese people’s are telling him: ” Aoun, do not wait until the end of the mandate, Farewell the great Lebanese people, and leave Baabda Palace, you have destroyed the country. With the hope that the experience of the Lebanese during the era of Michel Aoun made him learn the historical lesson, which is that any Maronite that Hezbollah chooses for the presidency will be an exact copy of the current one.
And thus, any Christian cover should be removed from the ewapons of Iran’s militia in Lebanon, so that every candidate does not stand crawling in front of Hassan Nasrallah’s door asking him for support, as Gobran Bassil is doing today.